Sunset Room, El Dorado Hotel
Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 29, 2003; 8:30a.m.

Members of the Board of Regents:
Laura M. Conniff, President
M. Steven Anaya, Vice President
Felicia M. Ybarra, Secy.-Treasurer
James C. Manatt Jr., Member
Robert M. Gallagher, Member
Jay Gogue, President New Mexico State University
William Flores, Provost
Ex officio Members of the Board of Regents
Donna Alden, Faculty Senate Chairperson
Erin K. McSherry, President of ASNMSU


1. Call to Order

2. Introductions

  (a) Press
(b) Dr. I. Miley Gonzalez, Director/Secretary, New Mexico Department of Agriculture (President Gogue)
(c) Dr. Garrey Carruthers, Dean, College of Business Administration and Economics (Provost Flores)
(d) Dr. Waded Cruzado-Salas, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (Provost Flores)
(e) Ms. Maureen Howard, Director of University Communications (Vice President Dukes)
(f) Other

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Ratification of Statement Regarding Prior Executive Session(s) (roll call vote)

5. Approval of Minutes

  May 9, 2003 and May 30, 2003

6. Future Board Meetings

  Approved: September 5, 2003, Las Cruces; October 24, 2003 in Carlsbad; and December 12, 2003 (commencement weekend)

7. Action Items


(a) President Laura M. Conniff
-1- Approval to Mutually Terminate President G. Jay Gogue's Employment Contract Upon His Request
-2- Approval of Interim President
-3- Approval to Issue Request for Proposals for Consulting Firm for Presidential Search

(b) Vice President McDonough, Business and Finance
-1- Approval of Resolution Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Regents' of New Mexico State University Refunding and Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2003 and Refunding Revenue Bonds Series 2004A
-2- Approval of Loan Agreement between New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA) and New Mexico State University (Mr. Bruce Kite)

(c) Vice President Woods, Human and Physical Resources
-1- Approval to Market with Intent to Sell Land Located at the Northwest Corner of University Avenue/Espina Street Intersection
-2- Approval to Market with Intent to Sell Land Located Along the West Side of Stern Drive, Southwest of the Stern/Cholla Intersection
-3- Approval to Exercise Real Estate Option to Purchase Eight Acres of Land Located Adjacent to Doña Ana Branch Community College-Sunland Park Center

(d) Vice President Dukes, University Advancement
-1- Naming Approval Requests

(e) Vice Provost Hites, Information and Communication Technologies
-1- Approval of the Information Technology (IT) Funding Requests to the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) for Fiscal Year 2004-2005

8. Consent Calendar (voted on by one motion, or moved to Action or Informational Items)

  (a) Approval of New/Expanded Research and Public Service and Other Line Item Project Requests for FY 2004-2005 (Vice President McDonough)
(b) Approval of Temporary Investments Report for Quarter Ended 06/30/03 (Vice President McDonough)
(c) Approval of Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs (Vice President De Necochea)
(d) Approval of Lease Agreement By and Between the Regents of New Mexico State University (NMSU) and Artesia Vocational Training Center, Inc. (AVTC). Occupant: NMSU Carlsbad, 3205 West Main Street, Artesia, Eddy County, New Mexico (Mr. Rick Kieser)
(e) Approval of Renewal of Mutual Lease Contract Between Doña Ana County and the Regents of New Mexico State University. Facilities: Space for NMSU Communications Tower at Doña Ana County Fairgrounds Leased to NMSU by Doña Ana County; Space for Doña Ana County Communications Facility at Site Near Rincon; Sub-leased by NMSU to Doña Ana County (Mr. Rick Kieser)
(f) Approval of Renewal of Lease between Doña Ana County, as Landlord, and the Regents of New Mexico State University as Lessee, for Land for DABCC's Chaparral Campus (Mr. Rick Kieser)
(g) Approval of Property Disposition (Vice President Woods)
(h) Approval of Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (Interim Dean White)
(i) Approval of Revisions and Additions to the NMSU Policy Manual (Mr. Bob Howell)
(j) Ratification of Employment Agreements for Baseball, Volleyball, Men's Golf, Women's Basketball, and Softball Coaches (Mr. Bruce Kite)
(k)Approval of Articulation Agreement with El Paso Community College (Assistant to the Provost, Dr. Raul Ramirez)

9. Informational Items

  (a) NMSU Support of K-12 Education Programs Report
(Dr. Michael A. Morehead and Dr. Marvin E. Pershing)

10. Reports

  (a) Faculty Senate Chairperson's Report (Professor Donna Alden)
(b) ASNMSU Report (Ms. Erin McSherry)
(c) NMSU President's Report

11. Other


(a) Presentation of Resolution(s)

  G. Jay Gogue
Susie Gogue
Bob Howell


12. Adjournment