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NMSU Directory Services The NMSU online directory containing contact information for faculty, staff and students.
NMSU Quicklist An alphabetical, abbreviated list of official New Mexico State University Offices.
NMSU Department Listings A complete listing of departments and employees.

Departmental Email Addresses: Select address on the left to send email. Admissions Office
For undergraduate entrance, new, continuing, and transfer student information. Alumni Association
For membership information and benefits. Business Office
For university account information. Center for International Programs
For foreign student admissions, orientation, counseling, and other services. Center for Learning Assistance
For information on learning strategies, class collaboration, and other services. Financial Aid Office
For scholarship, and student loan information. Graduate School
For graduate school information. Greek Life
For information on fraternity and sorority life. Information & Communication Technologies' Information Center
For student, faculty, and staff computing and networking support. Housing Department
For student residential information. Personnel Office
For faculty and staff employment opportunities. Placement and Career Services
For student employment opportunities. Registrars Office
For university registration, and residency information. University Communications
For current issue and news information. Webmaster-NMSU Homepage Support
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