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New Mexico State University

Recent Exhibitions



July 5-August 3, 2013

NMSU University Art Gallery Annual Juried Student Show

March 8 - April 6, 2013

The exhibition featuresthe work of 37 student artists at all levels of study, working in many media areas, including ceramics, video, charcoal drawing, oil paintings, photographs and mexed media installations.  The exhibition will run until Saturday, April 6, 2013.

Texas-based sculptor Grant Billingsley, a nationally-recognized artist who is currently working at the Boarder Arts Residency program in La Union, served as juror for this year's show.

Image of in This Corner


9 November 2012 to 11 January 2013

Rematerialized included a group of eight contemporary artists from US and Canada, whose work focuses on the use of objects, performances, and spaces, recycled, reapplied, recast, recombined and re-contextualized from our everyday world. Participating artists were: Io Palmer, Assistant Professor at Washington State University, Pullman, WA., Paho Mann, Assistant Professor of Art at University of North Texas, Denton, TX, Heidi Schwegler, Associate Professor of Metals at Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR, Joe Casey Doyle, NMSU alum, Assistant Professor of Art and Design at University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, Angela Ellsworth, Associate Professor at Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette, independent artist living in Ft. Collins, CO, Tim Liddy, independent artist living in Kirkwood, MO, and Kuh del Rosario, indendent artist living in Vancouver, BC.

Image of .remat poster
  • NMSU UCOMM Video

    Tonya Suther of University Communications interviewed interim Gallery Director, Dr. Stephanie Taylor about the current exhibition, rematerialized and upcoming plans. Click the above link to view the segment.

  • NMSU Newscenter

    Here we have an article about the rematerialized exhibition from UCOMM. Click on the above link to read it.

Draw a Line and Follow it: Videos by William Lamson

14 September to 28 October 2012

Brooklyn-based artist Will Lamson often uses his knowledge of technology to interact with and change perceptions of everyday objects, and this display of some of his recent video work highlighted his unrelenting and often surprising exploration of the interface between man, nature and machine.  This was the first complete exhibition of video-based work to be featured in the UAG.

This exhibition was presented in partnership with ISEA2012 "Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness," the 18th Annual Symposium on Electronic Art.

Image of Will Lamson's work
Will Lamson's "A Line Describing the Sun", 2010


25 May - 1 September 2012

A celebration of the centennial of New Mexico statehood (1912-2012), this exhibition showcases artwork from each decade from the 1910s to the 1970s, and surveys the best in contemporary New Mexico art.

Centennial catalogue
To download the pdf of the Centennial Exhibition catalogue, click on the link below:

2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition

20 April - 12 May 2012

Image of 2012 MFA postcard
MFA postcard featuring works by Ben Brooks, Kally Malcom and Stephanie Smith

2012 Juried Student Show

March 16 through Apr. 4, 2012. The juror for JSS 2012 was Lisa Anne Auerbach.



Meow Wolf Presents Glitteropolis

30 November 2011 - 18 February 2012

An interactive, immersive environment by a Santa Fe-based artists collective.

Image of Glitteropolis...
Glitteropolis by Meow Wolf


Looking Back/Looking Forward: Amanda Jaffe Retrospective

2 September - 15 October 2011

Works by retiring Ceramics Professor, Amanda Jaffe dating from 1977- 2011.

Image of Amanda Jaffe's artwork...
Dog and Cat Fur Patterns by Amanda Jaffe


Milford Zornes: California Watercolorist

Works from the Bob and Mary Culpepper collection

20 May- 22 July 2011

Bob and Mary Culpepper met Milford Zornes in Colima, Mexico and began collecting his artwork over many years, steadily adding to their collection. The Culpeppers purchased one from 1924, when Zornes was only 16, and even have one painted by Zornes' on the occasion of his 100th Birthday celebration in in 2008.

Image of Zornes poster...
Milford Zornes California Watercolorist Poster

The Cheated Eye 2011 MFA Show

15 April-6 May 2011

Featuring works by Brad Adams, Bethany Carlson, Kyle Coffin, James C. Gamble, Rebecca Munoz and Natalia Rodriguez.

Image of poster from MFA 2011...
MFA 2011 Show Poster

2011 Juried Student Show

11 March-31 March 2011

Image of poster JSS 2011
JSS 2011 Poster

2011 Department of Art Faculty Biennial

21 January - 23 February 2011

Image of Faculty show poster...
2011 Department of Art Faculty Biennial Poster

Modern Design·Folk Art

15 October - 17 December 2010


Image of Modern Design...
Postcard for Modern Design Folk Art Exhibition

Unmute: Text and Image in American Art 1970-2000

20 August- 1 October 2010

Image of Unmute catalog...
Unmute catalog

Connecting with the Divine

Devotional Art in New Mexico

4 June 2010 - 6 August 2010

Image of Devine cover...
Connecting with the Devine Exhibition Catalog

En Masse: 2010 MFA Exhibition

16 April 2010 - 7 May 2010

Chris Bardey, Amanda Marcott, James Meaux, Jacob Munoz, Elizabeth Nielsen, Brett Thompson, Isadora Stowe, Edward Schmitt, Angelita Rodriguez, and Seth Roby

Image of MFA 2010 postcard...
En Masse: 2010 MFA show postcard

2010 Juried Student Show

12 March - 31 March 2010

Image of JSS 2010 painting...
Painting from JSS 2010 signed AD

Luis Roldan: Permutados y Testimonios

22 January- 26 February 2010

Image of Roldan...
Luis Roldan

Joanna M. Wezyk: Construction Zone

6 November 2009 - 11 January 2010


Image of Wezyk cover...
Joanna Wezyk catalog