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New Mexico State University

Employee Council Voting Information

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The NMSU Employee Council is seeking your assistance to fill vacant positions for voting representatives from regular full time employees located in the Las Cruces area as well as employees located at Branch Campuses outside the Las Cruces area. Currently, there are no expiring terms for Branch Campus representatives. 

Regular full-time employees are elected based on the following employment classification: faculty, exempt employees, and non-exempt employees (not represented by a collective bargaining unit). We encourage you to refer to the Emplyee Council  Constitution and Bylaws to learn more. 

The number of positions currently available for 2012-13 includes:

  • 4 Faculty Representatives and 5 Faculty Alternates
  • 2 Exempt Representatives and 5 Exempt Alternates
  • 4 Non-Exempt Alternates 

When you log in to vote, you will be able to vote for candidates from your respective employment classification only.  Please note that you can vote up the number of positions available within your classification group. For example, if you are a faculty member you can make 4 selections from the list; if you are an exempt employee you can make 2 selections from the list, etc.  You will only be able to access this ballot once. Please make all of your available selections at this time.


Click here to review the candidates prior to logging in to vote!


Voting will open November 26, 2012 and will remain open until 11:59pm on December 9, 2012.


Click here to access the 2012-13 ballot utilizing your mynmsu login username and password!