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New Mexico State University

Employee Council

Email Notice of Name Change & New Website - October 3, 2009


Good Morning,

The Advisory Council on Administrative Policy (ACAP) is pleased to announce that we have formally changed our name to the NMSU Employee Council. The name change is intended to enhance understanding of the role and function of the Employee Council as well as to improve efforts to attract employee involvement and input.

The Employee Council is one of several tools available for employees to provide input regarding administrative policies and procedures that affect us on a daily basis. The purpose of Employee Council is to:

Investigate matters involving the policies and procedures of the administration of the university.

1. Make recommendations based on such investigations to the president of the university.

2. Establish and maintain an organization of the university staff

a. To provide communication between the staff and the administration of the university.

b. To provide communication among the several parts of the university staff.

The NMSU Employee Council will be conducting elections for new members to the Employee Council soon. Please go to our updated website at for more information about Employee Council. If you have recommendations or suggestions for employee council, you can send them to


Kelly Brooks, Employee Council Chair

NMSU Employee Council
Kelly Brooks, Chair
MSC 3DA, PO Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001