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New Mexico State University

Temporary Committees-Information Coming Soon!

Name of Committee                                                                                     Employee Council Rep


Efficiency & Effectiveness Committee (Updates)                                                                   

Established 04/06/2011

Building the Vision Committee(Updates)                                                                                 


Established 12/07/2010

I.D.E.A. Grants Committee(Updates)                                                                                       


Established 10/21/2010

Transportation and Parking Services Master Planning Stakeholders' (Updates)               


Established 9/08/2010

Search Committee for VP Finance & Administration                                                              


Established 1/15/2010

Committee to review Policy 3.75 - Personal Use of University Resources                             


Established 9/30/2009

Committee to review Policy 2.95.15 - Dismissal of Citations                                                  


Established 9/10/2009

Committee for Renovation of the Student/University Health Center (Updates)