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New Mexico State University

New Mexico bond would help renovate NMSU campuses

Monday, October 15, 2012 - 6:05pm


New Mexico Obligation Bond C if passed in November would help fund renovations to NMSU campuses.

$19 million would go toward renovating Hardman and Jacobs Halls, two of the older buildings at the main campus in Las Cruces.

"The bathrooms are really outdated and in the classrooms the carpets need to be redone and you can just tell it's one of the oldest buildings on campus," said NMSU student Coulton Sadler of Hardman Hall.

Sadler said he has taken at least 8 classes at Hardman Hall. The building is heavily used for lectures and has seen a lot of wear and tear in almost 40 years of service.

Jacobs Hall, which primarily serves as a computer lab is almost 50 years old and is also in dire need of repairs.

The bond would also provide $2 million dollars for renovations at Dona Ana County Community College and fund infrastructure needs at the other NMSU campuses.

Election day is November 6th.