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New Mexico State University

NMSU's Michele Nishiguchi, 2011-2012 Darnall Award recipient, inspires students with her innovative classroom teaching and contagious excitement for marine biology.

As a distinguished and internationally esteemed research scientist and an inspired teacher and mentor, Michele Nishiguchi has become one of the most respected scholars at NMSU.

She teaches and mentors undergraduate and graduate students, and conducts original research on marine organisms. Nishiguchi has taught 17 different formal courses and seminars, one lab course and one field course, as well as a biochemistry course. Six of these are courses she initiated and developed. According to her students' evaluations, her courses combine her mastery of theory and current research with dynamic classroom energy and contagious excitement.

Her fame as a graduate research mentor has spread far and wide. When prospective graduate students and postdoctoral students think ofpursuing training in marine biology, Nishiguchi is near the top of everyone's lists as a prospective mentor. Since coming to NMSU she has attracted outstanding U.S. and international students who have contributed to her laboratory's research efforts and who have received in exchange the finest possible mentoring and guidance.

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Dennis W. Darnall Faculty Achievement Award


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