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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page links you to answers to common questions on the following topics.

General safety




Fire safety

Chemical and hazardous material disposal

Indoor air quality / mold


Services (phone/email)

OSHA related questions


General questions 

Q- Odors

Q-What is Hazard Communication ?

Q- Are there any restrictions on the used of glue, adhesives, or paints in NMSU buildings

Q- Who do I call for safety, health or environmental concerns?

Q- Where are the EH&S offices and Training Facilities located?







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Frequently Asked Training Questions

Q- What classes are available from Environmental Health and Safety?

Q- What are these classes and who should attend them?

Q - When are the classes scheduled?

Q- Who is required to attend the classes on Chemical Safety?

Q- How often does EH&S offer Hazard Communication classes?

Q- Who should attend classes on the Lab Standard regulations?

Q- My lab manager has Nobel Prizes for hazard communication and lab safety.  Does she still need to attend class on HazCom and Lab Standard?

Q- Do we have to attend the classes given by University Safety? It's too inconvenient for off-campus employees to attend these classes.

(Training Questions (FAQ List)

FAQs on mold and air

Q - What about molds and indoor air quality

    Problems and concerns about molds: links to EPA:

    Indoor Air Quality: links to EPA:

      • Primer on indoor air quality
      • More
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