February 4, 2004 (updates 2009, 2011)

TO:        NMSU Campus via ABCD email distribution

FROM:  Dr. Katrina Doolittle, Director,
              Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

SUBJECT:  DOT/NMSU Hazardous Material Shipping & Transportation Procedures

This memo outlines NMSU Procedures for safe shipping and transportation of hazardous materials from campus.  Please distribute this to all faculty, staff, and students that may handle chemicals, pesticides, biological or radioactive materials.  Following these simple procedures will best ensure we stay compliant with applicable laws and ultimately protect public health.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has strict and complex regulations governing the shipment of hazardous materials through public contractors.  Shipping personnel must have specialized training and ensure specific packages, labels, and paperwork are properly used.  Thus, the Physical Science Lab (PSL) Shipping has been designated as the one central hazardous material shipping center for campus.  These personnel are fully trained and have materials to handle shipment of most, if not all hazardous materials.  Please ensure any hazardous materials you need to ship off campus through a public contractor, for example UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service, etc., are coordinated through PSL Warehouse shipping center. The current PSL Shipping number is 646-9488 and the main contact is Louie Sanchez (update per D.Schoep 4/23/2009).  

Hazardous materials transported by government employees in government vehicles for official business are exempt from DOT regulations.  An example would be an NMSU researcher transporting a herbicide from campus to a farm.  Coordination with PSL shipping center is not necessary. Although formal training is not required, extra precautions should be taken.  For example, keeping hazardous materials in their original packaging, placing them in secondary containers, and keeping a spill kit accessible.

DOT also has requirements for hazardous material security procedures that everyone must follow.  The bottom line on security is that all hazardous materials should be locked up when not in use or out of eyesight.  Stolen, lost, or missing hazardous materials, or suspicious activities involving hazardous materials, need to be immediately reported to Environmental Health and Safety (646-3327) and the NMSU Police (646-3311).

DOT regulations are often difficult to interpret for academic/research activities.  Please contact Drew Kaczmarek, Environmental Affairs Manager at 646-3327 with specific questions or unusual shipments. 

Thank you.

(source: http://www.nmsu.edu/~safety

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