May 5 09:29:47 2004

To: ABCD distribution and Hotline
From: David Shearer, EH&S 

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is pleased to provide you with the
latest issue of NMSU Safety Notes Newsletter. This electronic newsletter
is designed to provide the NMSU community with practical safety information
in a friendly format.

This issue is on general safety includes brief articles and tidbits on the following:
  1. Bicycle Awareness Month - local events May 8   
  2. Fitness & Health - strains and sprains
  3. Pedestrian Safety - statewide & campus concerns 
  4. Upcoming EH&S Classes
  5. Caution on Radioactive Materials
  6. Respirator User Reminder
  7. Bad Cylinder - a hazardous container 
  8. Safety Inspections of Agriculture & Engineering Buildings
  9. Mercury Program - removal progress
  10. Ladder Safety - risks and guide to safe use  
  11. Compressed Gases - potential hazards
  12. Waste Management - cardinal rules
  13. Environmental Health & Safety Office - location & staff contacts
There are two ways to access the Safety Notes Newsletter, either:
1. Click on the attached Adobe PDF file or
2. Go to EH&S Home Page ( & click the Newsletter link
on the marquee

** In either case you will need Adobe Reader. You can download this from
the link below or on our website.

Let us know what you think of our newsletter. We are interested in your comments
and suggestions. We are setting up a list server to provide email distribution
initially to employees and students that have had NMSU Safety Training (others
may add their email address).    

We hope the Safety Notes Newsletter will allow us to work together to maintain
a healthy and safe campus.

David Shearer,
Industrial Hygienist
Environmental Health and Safety
New Mexico State University
EH&S web:

**Acrobat Reader is required to display the newsletter. Click below to
download a free copy via the NMSU ICT website
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