August 11, 2004 

TO: Department Heads, Deans, Directors, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts 

FROM: Richard MacRorie, Executive Director, Facilities Operations 

SUBJECT: Lead in Water   (letter in pdf format)

You may have read recent articles about New Mexico State University having lead in the water. Some samples taken in campus housing at New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) directon in June 2003 did show lead concentrations above the EPA's "action level" of 15 parts per billion. Because your health is of primary concern to us, NMSU has been reacting aggressively to address the issue since we became aware of these results earlier this summer. 

NMSU is taking all reasonable actions to correct this problem. Naturally, we are working closely with the NMED to comply fully with all requirements of the regulations in this area. We are also taking actions beyond those mandated. The regulations require further sampling an public education. Some of the required sampling has already been done, and the rest is scheduled. A pamphlet and poster are being distributed as part of the required public education effort. (Copies are also posted on our web site at . Click on "General Information" on the menu to the left.) 

While these documents contain useful information, the EPA-mandated text is not specific to the current situation at NMSU. The following supplementary information should help you to understand better what is happening on campus. 

* The campus water supply is safe. Tests of water from each of our three domestic water supply wells were conducted in July with a detecton limit of 0.1 parts per billion (150 times below the action level) and detected NO lead. 

* Testing to date has shown lead above action level only in some units in Vista del Monte, Cole, Fort, and Sutherland Villages.

* The probable source of the lead where it has been found is the plumbing in those specific facilities. 

* We have also taken samples from 12 buildings of different ages and in different parts of campus, including 2 residence halls, and no lead was found in any of them. 

* Since the effects of lead are greatest for young children, the Housing and Residential Life department had in-line filters, certified to remove lead, installed in units where children live. 

* We continue testing beyond what is required to insure the actions taken are effective, and are considering fixture replacement. NMSU Office of Facilities and Services is committed to providing good quality water to the campus, and conducts extensive ongoing testing and treatment to insure that the water you receive is of the best posible quality. 

Please contact us at 646-2101 if you have any questions. 
(Residents of campus housing should contact the Housing and Residential Life Office at 646-3202.) 

Tina Patton 
Facilities & Services 
Voice: 575-646-2101 
New Mexico State Univ.,
 Box 30001, MSC 3545 
Fax: 575-646-1460 
Las Cruces, NM 88003

2004 NMSU Water Analysis Report