Subject: Announcement: Fall 2004 Campus Safety Events
From: dshearer
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 11:55:21 -0600
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Announcement:    NMSU Campus Safety Events Fall 2004
                             Fire Safety, Emergency Alerts & Evacuations,
Training and Safety Fairs

NMSU's Environmental Health and Safety office (EH&S) is pleased to announce the following Safety Events on the NMSU Campus this fall.  An event schedule is provided in the attached file as well as on the NMSU Safety website at  Departments are requested to the review the following and post the event schedule. 

The events will include:

Fire Safety Information and Mock Dorm Fires

NMSU's Fire and Emergency Services Department will run fire information booths at the Residence Halls, Greek Complex and Corbett Center during first two week of the fall semester.  A mock dorm fire will take place on August 31 at the Pan Am parking lot and will be repeated on October 14.  The Fire Department will furnish and burn a full-size model of a dorm room inside an 8-by-20 foot metal shipping container. The model dorm room will be set on fire in a scenario that could occur in a dorm room or apartment, such as a cigarette in a wastebasket or tipping a candle over on a table.

Emergency Alert Testing and 'No Notice' Evacuations

The Emergency Alert System tests and 'No Notice' Fire Drills are scheduled in the week after the Labor Day holiday.  The Fire Department and EH&S will conduct fire evacuation drills at several residential, Greek, and academic buildings over a three day period. The NMSU Police Department will also test the Emergency Alert System, which can used to automatically call phones in specific campus buildings.  Additional information and a video on the Emergency Alert System can be viewed via the Security section of the Safety website (at  ).

Emergency Testing and Emergency Action Plans

As we will be conducting building evacuations, departments are reminded to update and post their Emergency Action Plans (EAP) in employee areas.  This plan is established to provide information on what employees are expected to do in an emergency and where to go in an evacuation. Under NMSU Policy, each department is responsible for having and updating an Emergency Plan for their employees. Guidance is provided under the Policies section on the Safety website (at ) and at the web page listed below.  

Once the department has updated and posted the plan, the department coordinators should take a moment to update the information on the Emergency Plan web database at  Building monitors should also check and report any emergency safety devices such as exit signs, fire extinguishers, smoke doors, etc., that are damaged, missing, out-of-date, or not operating to the Office of Facilities and Services for repair or maintenance.

Safety Training and Training Requirements

The safety training will include additional classes from EH&S's regular monthly schedule as well as a CPR and an Emergency Planning class. All classes will be held in the Safety Training Facility, room 102 of the Genesis Research Center, Unit B, located near the intersection of Research Drive and Standley Drive. Registration is requested for all classes, please sign up online at .  

For information on required training for new faculty and staff and for student employees, please check the Training Requirement section at .

Safety Fairs

On September 9, a Facility Safety Fair will be held at the Intramural Field at Wells Street.  This fair will feature vendor booths with the latest in personal protective equipment, shop safety, ergonomic equipment and first aid kits. There will also be fire safety information and waste battery collection.

On November 8,
a Health and Safety Fair will be set up in the Corbett Center.  This event include personal health checks, safety information and ergonomic furniture.  It will also highlight wellness opportunities at NMSU. 

For more information please visit the NMSU Safety website at or contact Environmental Health & Safety at (575) 646-3327.