Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 15:29:14 -0700
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Ref:    New Employee: Defensive Driving and Safety Training Classes - Spring 2006

For departments expecting new (regular, temporary & part-time) employees for the Spring semester, this is a note on the Defensive Driving Classes (DDC) for the Spring semester and is to serve as a reminder on the requirements for employee safety training. 

The Defensive Driving Class Spring schedule is linked to EH&S home page at  The class is the National Safety Council Driving Course which fulfills one of the NMSU Policy requirements to drive a University vehicles (see policy: vehicle use policy).  For the convenience of faculty, students, and staff, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) provides this training monthly during regular work hours and at least one Saturday each semester.

Classes often fill early, please register at least two weeks in advance to ensure a reservation.  Classes typically include 35-45 persons and are open to the public. Individuals and/or departments should register via the on-line registration page  (on the EH&S website).  Employees will need to provide a department account (Banner FOAPAL index) number.  Additional details on driving permits, policy and maps to the classroom are provided via the above link.

Information on Safety Training Requirements. All new employees should observe the requirement for safety training via the Employee Safety & HazCom Class.  This class is presented at least every other week and is scheduled to coordinate with the New Employee Benefit Orientations sessions.  This class is required under NMSU policy and is slated to help NMSU comply with EPA and OSHA obligations. 

Please be aware that all NMSU employees that work with hazardous materials or equipment may have training requirements in addition to the Employee & HazCom Safety class.  Again this includes regular, temporary, part-time, post-doc, graduate, student and any other employees that work in these conditions in instructional, research, shop, or agricultural settings.  The semester schedule of safety classes and registration is provide on the EH&S web site.

Thank you.

David Shearer
Industrial Hygienist, Environmental Health & Safety, 646-3327