Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 11:53:12 -0700
To: NMSU hotline , ABCD Distribution

Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 11:53:12 -0700


Announcement:    NMSU's 2005 OSHA 300 Log (Accident Summary)

NMSU's 2005 Accident/Injury Summary, the OSHA 300 log, has been posted on the EH&S website at

All NMSU-related employment units e.g. campus departments, institutes (PSL, NMDA, CEMRC, etc.), branch campuses, ASC facilities, etc.) should print the document and posted it on a bulletin board in employee area(s) for information.  Under New Mexico law this annual summary log must be posted from February 1 through April 30. 

Per discussion with NM-OSHA, the attached display on the NMSU website will meet the regulatory requirement, however EH&S recommends that the log also be printed and posted for employee information.
  Either a print of the log image (change the printer setting to landscape for better results) or the pdf file (this may require installing Adobe Acrobat) is acceptable for posting.

Questions on the log details or division summaries should be directed to Chuck Ryder, NMSU EH&S at 575-646-3327.

Thank you.

David Shearer, Industrial Hygienist
Environmental Health & Safety 575-646-3327