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February 22,

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Katrina Doolittle, Jaime Marrujo, Doug Parten, Tom Reichardt, Linda Perez, Chris Pennise, Jose Gamon, Leigh DeRoos, Missy Giacomelli (for Greg Block), and Richard Long

Guests: Dolores M. Bernal (Sun News) and a NMSU Student

The regular Safety Committee Meeting was called to order at 3:35 P.M. by Katrina Doolittle, Chair.


1. Revised Smoking Policy

a. Katrina Doolittle stated that 21 comments had been received through an on-line suggestion on the smoking policy, 15 were positive in favor or the revisions, 3 were negative and 3 suggested modifications. Katrina read the comments before discussing the policy.

b. Katrina asked for comments from the floor. Discussed was hours of the day the policy should be enforced and wording to be incorporated into the policy. Linda Perez stated that smokers should stand 25 feet from buildings and air intake grills during daylight hours and at night when reasonable. It was stated that many employees work after five. Tom Reichardt asked to define the wording “what’s reasonable”. Katrina stated that the wording was not defined and that it is “when reasonable, but it should be known that if it is extremely cold, raining, etc... individuals that are smoking should not have to stand away from some shelter. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to direct conflicts, in the different buildings, regarding the statement “when reasonable” to Environmental Health & Safety.

c. Doug Parten asked how the 25 feet area was going to be designated. Katrina stated that the ashtrays and benches would be moved by Grounds Department and EH&S would help designate area. Doug stated that Pan American Center has a designated area for smoker’s right outside the east lobby during special events, further stating that individuals are not allowed back into the building if they leave to smoke elsewhere.

d. Dolores Bernal from Las Cruces Sun New asked Katrina the following questions;

1. Is there a need to update the Smoking Policy? Katrina stated that the current policy does not clearly define what is in practice at NMSU, further stating that the policy needs to say that there is no smoking in buildings, state concerns about second hand smoke coming into buildings through the ventilation system and the distance smokers should stand away from building entrances.

2. When was the last modification made to the policy? Katrina stated that she did not know the answer, but to the best of her knowledge it has not been updated since the Clean Indoor Act was adopted in 1985. Second reason the policy is being modified is that the building monitors are asked to enforce the no smoking policy and they may not have been trained or may not have the authority to ask someone to stop the activity.

3. Is there fines to smoking violators? Katrina stated that there are fines of $10 up to $25 per violation and that this is in the provision in the Clean Indoor Act.

4. What are the dollar amounts for fines for those that are not 25 feet from the door? Katrina said that no fines will be accessed, but this a disciplinary issue.

5. Who are the building monitors? Katrina stated that building monitors are different people, there maybe one or two designated per building. Stating that the functions may be numerous, but mostly liaison for problems related to the building such as; lights that need to be replaced, bathroom needing repairs, etc....

6. Who gives the building monitors their responsibilities? It is stated in the current smoking policy that the building monitor was to enforce the policy, Katrina said.

e. Comments on the vending machines in building were brought up and asked to see if they could be the building monitor’s responsibilities. Linda stated that she contacted Rich MacRorie from Office of Facilities & Services (OFS) regarding training for monitors. Katrina asked members representing departments/offices what duties building monitors currently have in their areas.

f. Katrina asked how members felt about smokeless tobacco. Missy Giacomelli stated that the smokeless tobacco had been banned from the Housing areas. Katrina stated that maybe the policy should be named NMSU Tobacco Policy and not NMSU Smoking Policy.

g. Linda asked if NMSU Policies are enforced for visitors and contractors. Jose Gamon stated that whoever hires contractors or invites parties is responsible for informing them of NMSU policies and procedures. If there are questions or concerns, this should be brought to the department manager.

h. Missy moved to amend policy with addition/modification(s) to language to be adopted into the Smoking Policy from Doug Parten and Diana Kovar regarding smoking areas in the vicinity of Pan Am, Athletic and Corbett Center. Jaime Marrujo seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


1. Pets on Campus

a. Linda asked if pets were allowed on campus. Katrina stated that service dogs are the only pets allowed in buildings and pets on a leash is permissible, but not in buildings.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 P.M. Next Safety Committee Meeting is scheduled for the 24th of May 2006 in the New Library Conference Room #225, from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm.
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