From:Dr Katrina D Doolittle

Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:28:12 -0700 (MST)

Subject: Permit to drive NMSU vehicles

The President's Cabinet approved periodic license verification for 
individuals authorized to drive NMSU vehicles.  EH&S has reviewed 
Department of Motor Vehicle driver's license records and issued 2500 
new driving permits based on  information provided by NMSU departments. 
NMSU drivers should now possess a blue permit issued by Environmental 
Health & Safety.  If not, please contact us immediately (646-3327).  

The validation process identified about 1% of licenses as suspended or 
revoked.  In those situations, negative findings were reported to the 
supervisor followed by written notification to revoke all NMSU driving 
privileges.  However, most suspensions were a result of administrative 
infractions or failure to pay fines instead of severe driving 
violations.  Many individuals stated they did not realize the license 
they possessed was suspended.   If the situation is resolved and a 
valid license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, EH&S will 
reinstate an individual's driving privileges.  

Prior to the 3 year permit expiration, EH&S will generate a list of 
drivers for each major department to update and the process of license 
validation and issuance of new permit will be repeated.  If you have 
any concerns in the interim or want to establish a more frequent 
license review for your drivers, please contact 
Bea Pacheco, Environmental Health & Safety at 646-3327.  

Katrina Doolittle
Director, Environmental Health & Safety