Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:23:10 -0600
To: ABCD distribution


Emergency Action Plan - Update Reminder

As we approach the fall semester, it is once again time to update the Emergency Action Plan and review departmental safety procedures.  Department heads (and other division managers and supervisors) should note the following requirements under NMSU Emergency Action Program and OSHA regulations: Guidance and related Emergency Management information are posted on the NMSU safety website  ( ) and our office provides training on the Emergency Action Planning.

If you have an existing plan, just review (update) the document with assembly location and contact information for two EAP coordinators.  Submit this information to the via the update link on the emergency action plan web database (link to database).

If you do not have a plan, EH&S will hold several, one hour classes beginning in August on Emergency Action Planning.  Interested personnel, department heads and/or EAP coordinators are welcome to attend.  Registration & schedule are on the EH&S safety web at

Please respond by updating/submitting the information to the EAP database by September 8

Please note that NMSU Safety Initiatives are slated to begin in September.  These will include several unannounced (No Notice) evacuations at Academic and other campus buildings (starting on September 11).  Details are to be posted on the NMSU Safety website (see above).

Thank you

David Shearer, Industrial Hygienist  
Environmental Health & Safety