Date: Fri, 15 September 2006

Reminder:   No notice fire drills and evacuations will be conducted Sept 18 - 22, 2006

As we will be conducting building evacuations, departments are reminded to update and post their Emergency Action Plans (EAP).  This plan is established to provide information on what employees are expected to do in an emergency and where to go in an evacuation.  The plan should also identify how information, such as alerts and warnings, will be disseminated to others under your supervision or responsibility  whether they are in classroom, office, laboratory or field setting. 

Under NMSU Policy, each department is responsible for having and updating an Emergency Action Plan and discussing the plan with their employees. Guidance is provided under the Policies section on the Safety website (at  

Emergency Planning and Employee Safety/Hazard Communication classes are provided by EH&S to assist in developing an Emergency Action Plan and procedures for general safety and preparedness.


Katrina Doolittle
Director EH&S