Subject: CDPC Meeting tomorrow
From: Katrina Doolittle, EH&S
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 15:07:41 -0600

Reminder:  There is a Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee meeting Tues. October 10 from 3:00-5pm
Location:   Safety Training Facility, Academic Research Building C, room 110

Please preview the attached "Blueprint for Pandemic Flu Preparedness Planning for Colleges and Universities".  Look closely at Section 6:  "Campus Considerations" and print  the checklist that is specific to your area and check the appropriate status for each task (completed, in progress, not started). The checklist questions are very good and will help inspire thoughts and discussion so we do not overlook important considerations.

The agenda for tomorrow includes:
1)  Review of the Blueprint for Pandemic Flu Preparedness Planning document and responses from CDPC members  (first attachment)
2)  Departments/Divisions accept  responsibility or modify specific tasks as listed on the NMSU Communicable Disease Preparedness Planning Worksheet. (second attachment)
3) Web CT demonstration and access procedures for authorized individuals to access and update the NMSU Communicable Disease Response Plan (third attachment)

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all,

Katrina Doolittle