From: Katrina Doolittle, EH&S

Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 15:06:49 -0700
To: CART members
CC: Resource members
Subject: Invitation - Pandemic Flu Tabletop Exercise

I would like to invite the CART members to watch a large-scale tabletop exercise involving all of Southwest New Mexico on December 7th, 2006 from 9:00 am until 11:00 am at the NMSU Police Department's training classroom.  If you would like to bring additional people from your office, this would be a good time to bring in people in your line of succession (3-deep concept) so they will have a good understanding of what to do should you be out of town or otherwise unavailable during an actual incident.  Members of the Critical Resource Personnel list are also invited, along with their personnel.

This exercise is being conducted by the New Mexico Department of Health (Santa Fe) as part of a statewide evaluation of capabilities and plans regarding an influenza pandemic.  The University Health Centers and other offices will be active participants from another site on campus, while the Police Department site is being set up specificaly for CART members to be able to watch and discuss the exercise outside the earshot of DOH and other participants.  This will allow for the free exchange of ideas, questions, and answers without having to worry about interfering with the exercise. 

This is the only large-scale exercise of its type scheduled for at least the next year, and is a good opportunity to see how Santa Fe conducts exercises.  The Police Department will provide refreshments, so if you (and your staff) are interested in attending, please let me know so we can plan/order accordingly.