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Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee

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March 13
, 2007 

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MEMBERS PRESENT:  K. Doolittle, J. Palmer, L. McKee, M. Jaspers, J. Balog, J. Gamon, N. Quezada-Aragon, M. Benanti, T. Burgin, G. DeNecochea, A. Diaz, M. Abernethy, S. Lopez

MEMBERS ABSENT: A. Arvizo ,J. Witte, D. Smith, B. Diven, MD, R. Torrez, MD, A. Throneberry, Wm. Platz, MD, L. DeRoos, K. Hill, L. Olsen, J. Johnson, D. Pearse, L. Creider, , H. Vilchis, S. Grotevant, D. Silva

The meeting began at 3:13PM.

1) K. Doolittle and L. McKee reported on their meeting with Provost Flores that he is supportive of the planning effort and impressed with web enabling of the plan.

a. The College of Health and Social Services will generate the act as the beta test for other academic units in completing the continuity of operation planning (coop).

b. Academic departments must have input in the budgeting process.

c. L. McKee and K. Doolittle will seek Faculty Senate participation in planning. T. Bergin will approach Chair of the Faculty Senate on participation as well.

d. When the CDPC is ready, the Provost has agreed to sign the memorandum instructing academic departments to generate their respective coops.

e. The Provost supports the "train the trainer" concept.

f. In the interim time between now and then, the CDPC will focus on training and education.

2) The next step in the planning process is to identify financial, human and material resources that will be used to carry out the plan.

a. Working Groups will be established to research and make recommendation on financial, human and material resources.

b. While CDPC members may choose to be involved, members of the working groups should be made up of newly involved persons, i.e. members of the Advisory Committee on Administrative Policy (ACAP), faculty representatives, etc.

c. J. Balog, L. McKee, and K. Doolittle will generate guidance document for working groups.

3) L. McKee and K. Doolittle will meet with Academic Department Heads from the College of Arts & Sciences on April 20 to introduce the CDPC and provide them with a summary of activities to date.

4) K. Doolittle said we hope the plan will be rolled out campus-wide in the fall of 2007.

5) K. Doolittle cautions web dependency in emergency management when a failure could impact it's use.

6) S. Lopez stated that University Communications and the Central Administration Response Team (CART) get warning notices from the NMSU PD, and that the NMSU systems are fairly well "hardened" against outside threats.

7) S. Lopez stated there were no new developments from the Local Emergency Planning group and that the NMSU response would be "cause-dependent".

8) K. Doolittle and M. Abernethy discussed "Campus Mobile", a cell phone notification service directed at students, with a capacity of 10,000 participants. S. Lopez said only 24% of students opt-in for this service and many cancel the service when assessed charges by their cell phoneprovider. This option was determined to be inadequate to our purposes. K. Doolittle said she would request funding for a radio system (server & transmitter), but end users would need to purchase $100.00 radios.

9) K. Doolittle reviewed the EH&S COOP, noting that departments may need to customize the document such as she had done for the third tier of leadership succession.

10) K. Doolittle reviewed the Emergency Management and Campus Security page on the EH&S website, pointing out new links on Pandemic Flu planning and guidance on COOP.

There will be no meeting in April. The next meeting will be on Tuesday May 8 at 3:00PM. Email reminders will be sent one week before, on May 1st and again on the morning of the May 8 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00PM.

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