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Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee
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December 11, 2007

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Members Present: John Balog, Manuela Quezada-Aragon, Angela Arvizo, Nancy Baptiste,  Lorin Gobble, Mary Jaspers, Larry Olsen, Stephanie Roybal,  Mike O’Larey, Hugo Vilchis, Lori McKee, R. Yoder

New Members: Anne Hubbell (replacing Wanda Eastman who replaced Larry Creider)  

Members Absent:  Carmen Gonzales, Katrina Doolittle, Jose Gamon, Michael Abernethy, Darrell Smith, Teresa Brobeck, Maureen Howard, Stephen Lopez, Teresa Burgin, Leigh DeRoos, Angela Throneberry, Joe Palmer,  David Pearce, Karl Hill, Esperanza Villanueva Joyce, Larry Olsen, Teresa Brobeck, Benjamin Diven, Ruben Torrez, Julie Weber, Jeff Witte

   The meeting began at 3:00 PM.

  1. J. Balog summarized proceedings of the Prepared Community Phase III training session held at Branigan Library on November 19, 2007.  (Phases I & II occurred in 2005 & 2006.)  The following counties were represented at the training; Luna, Hidalgo, Otero, and Sierra.  There were 5 modules presented; targeted populations, pandemic flu preparation as all hazards preparation, on-line and hard copy tools, and the 5th module was a discussion based on a contrived disaster scenario.  He said it was apparent from the discussions throughout the day that Dona Ana and NMSU planning efforts are well ahead of Luna, Otero, Hidalgo and Sierra counties.  T. Townsend stated that Dona Ana county does not have a stockpile of N-95 respirators.  J. Balog handed off the training materials (course manual and CD copy of the presentation) to L. McKee for evaluation of content for applicability to our planning.   
  2. Anne Hubbell was introduced as the Faculty Senate representative.  
  1. Work Group update; L. McKee stated that Finance Work group has received cost estimates on disposable PPE from one or two units since the October meeting.   She also asked for confirmation that the cost of facial tissues, alcohol hand sanitizer, and spray disinfect is deemed an eligible office expense under NMSU business policy.  L. Gobble will check to determine if that change was effected.  Previous business representative had assured L. McKee this change would be instituted.  L. McKee asked for a memo or similar written documentation that these items are indeed eligible expenses.    
  1. L. McKee noted that the Health Centers have received influenza vaccine.  There is a $20.00 fee for vaccinations at NMSU but Presbyterian Healthcare is offering free flu vaccinations to NMSU faculty & staff and their dependents 18 yrs and older from 11AM – 3PM on Tuesday December 18 in the Corbett Center Otero Room.
  1. L. McKee and others commented on the emergence of MRSA, an cluster of severe respiratory infections caused by adenovirus, and new concerns about the efficacy of vaccines that may have been compromised due improper storage conditions.  This amplified the notion that capabilities developed in effective pandemic flu planning will be useful in responding to a broad spectrum of disease related emergencies. 
  1. L. McKee is reviewing medication and vaccine ordering, she said manufacturer costs are volatile and market driven and this is reflected in Health Center fees charged at NMSU, i.e., when the government orders 100,000 or 200,000 doses of a particular product the product becomes less available and more expensive for the greater public. 
  1. L. McKee and R.Yoder mentioned the possibility that the travel voucher may be incorporated into the Banner system thereby helping identify and track travelers to regions that may be experiencing or have recently experienced an infectious disease outbreak. 
  1. R. Yoder stated that HR is working on policies that will impact communicable disease planning and that job descriptions will be reviewed by the hiring authorities for each respective NMSU operating unit. 
  1. The following comments were made on a wide range of planning topics.
    1. H. Vilchis stated that NMDOH has obtained sufficient funds from the federal government to pay for consumables, probably enough for the entire state, but we should also keep in touch with the greater state government as planning progresses.  
    2. He also stated that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation has donated $50 million for influenza vaccine improvement (production, stability, production capability) for developing nations.
    3. He volunteered to assist in developing on-line training materials and will provide his 30 minute module on communicable disease response.
    4. A. Hubbell suggested that faculty involvement is best obtained through the respective Dean’s offices.  Currently, she feels Academic Department Heads have a reactive posture and would prefer to do more planning. 
    5.  L. McKee stated that she is in routine contact with the Dona Ana planning apparatus, and that SHC is a local repository for medications distributed by the CDC.
    6. She told the group to keep in mind that the main goal of our planning is to make the campus safe for faculty, students, staff and visitors.
    7. She asked that the Working Groups meet early in 2008 and redouble their efforts in support of the overall planning process.  She asked that the Work Groups and the members be listed. http://safety.nmsu.edu/faq/2007/2007_0508_CDPC_minutes.htm

      i. Financial Planning; (L. McKee, A. Throneberry, S. Grotevant)  identify funding sources both internal and external

      ii. Policy Working Group; (A. Diaz, G. DeNochochea, M. Jaspers, A. Arvizo) social distancing, and travel restrictions.

      iii. Material Resources; (M. Abernethy, L. DeRoos, D. Shearer) identify consumables and other necessary commodities.

      iv. Education & Awareness; (T. Bergin, J. Balog, N. Baptiste,  J. Weber, K.Doolittle)  prepare materials specific to our target population

 The next CDPC meeting will be January 8, 2008 at 3:00 PM in ARC room 110. .     

 The meeting adjourned at 4:05PM.


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