Subject: CDPC meets August 11 3pm
From: katrina doolittle
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 17:39:01 -0600

CDPC members,

We will be a meeting on Tuesday August 11 at 3pm at Academic Research Bld C, room 110.   It is very important that you be present or send a representative. 

We are currently at Level 1 intense planning phase and the steering subcommittee has drafted revisions to the Communicable Disease Response Plan to address the scenario expected with the H1N1 influenza pandemic. 

The core points of the draft policy defining essential positions that we worked on for over a year was incorporated into the
new2.25 Emergency Preparedness policy  by Administrative Council this past July.  


Tentative Agenda

1.  Revision of
Communicable Disease Response Plan
2.  Hand sanitizer stations for common areas
3.  Medical Reserve for mass vaccination

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