Subject: Re: Bicycle Friendly City Improvements
From: Trina Witter
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 11:43:27 -0600

Thank You to those who attended the City Council Meeting 
on Monday (Tammy, Lee, Ted, others I missed)! And thanks to 
others who have sent in emails.  We are making a 
difference - slowly but surely! 

On Monday Andy Hume provided an update to council on activities
that have taken place over the last 6 months to make 
Las Cruces more Bicycle Friendly.  When you know how long it 
takes city government to move this is considered "lightening speed"
so don't be too discouraged. 

Here are some updates: 

- new "Share the Road Las Cruces" bumper stickers (available at local bike shops, city hall, MPO office)
- new Bicycle Brochure - commuter tips, safety tips (avaiable at local bike shops, city hall, MPO office) 
- "Share the Road Las Cruces" billboard (to be installed in May as part of National Bicycle Month)

New striped bike lanes within last 6 months (when Bike Friendly Task Force established) 
Don Roser   1.3 miles
Triviz 4.5 miles
Mission  0.6 miles
Griggs  0.4 miles
Hadley   0.9 miles
Walnut (Griggs to Spruce)  0.7 miles
Total new miles of bike lanes = 8.4 out of a current 38.4 miles

"Sweep Las Cruces Clean" easy way to report on streets that need sweeping. 
Go to and click on the the link "Report Streets for Sweeping" to complete the form.
There is also a form on the city webpage and phone 
number to call to report potholes 541-2595

All of this is a result of bicyclists speaking out at
Council Work Sessions back  in Dec and Feb, your emails and phone calls. 
This is a great start and the city staff needs to 
hear from you that you are supportive of what they have accomplished
so far and to encourage them to keep going.  Remember that positive comments
will go a long way in helping us get what we want. 

In addition to continuing your dialogue with the city councilors, mayor and city 
manager, please send some THANK YOU emails to the city staff listed below since 
they are the ones responsible for actually implementing the items on which Andy reported. 

Dan Soriano (traffic engineer)
Mike Johnson (dept head of public works)
Robert Garza (Assistant City Mgr)
Udell Vigil (city public information officer)

Thanks again and have a great day! 

Trina Witter
Mesilla Valley Bicycle Coalition