Subject: April Meeting, University Safety Committee - Demos Chemical Inventory Systems 4/26, 4/27 & 5/13

In lieu of the regular quarterly University Safety Committee meeting this month, the committee will reveiw several vendor demonstrations of their chemical inventory systems, 4/26 Monday 10am and 4/27 Tuesday 9am (and Thursday May 13, 9am). 

EH&S is proposing to purchase a commercial web-based chemical database to improve the capacity of EH&S and the NMSU system (main campus, community campuses and remote facilities) to comply with OSHA HazCom, NM NESHAP, EPA RCRA and DHS CFAT requirement for chemicals, asbestos, lead, and hazardous materials.  The increased usage of the current system due the 2007/2008 requirements to inventory & account for DHS (Dept Homeland Security) Chemicals of Interest as well as the increased usage by the entire NMSU community, is exceeding the system capability and has resulted in numerous database crashes. Currently there are over 800 chemical storage locations with over 40,000 chemicals records listed.  A failure could place NMSU in violation and cause irreplaceable data loss.

Of the commercially available chemical inventory systems, the following two appear to be able to meet NMSU needs.  The webcasts are:

These dates are posted on the Attendance and critical review will help with this important change as you and/or associated employees will use the system to report NMSU's chemical inventory.   Each vendor will provide the web demonstration in the EH&S training room with telephone conferencing.  The webcast will allow audience to view the system, hear the description and ask questions on the program. Each demo will take about an hour.

These meetings are open to all NMSU employees interested in the topic.  Literature will be availalble for those that can not attend. For more information contact David Shearer, Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety,