Subject: 2011 Spring Safety Training, Lab Safety Refresher & Special Evening Class
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011
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Ref:    Spring 2011 Safety Training

Environmental Health & Safety (
EH&S) is pleased to provide our 2011 Spring Safety Training Schedule via monthly calenders at
(also linked at 
During the spring semester, we expect to provide over 100 safety-related classes & instruction to help prevent injury and comply with OSHA & EPA requirementsSome of the training dates are tentative to allow some schedule modification for group requests. Our site includes Google satellite images and street maps of NMSU with detailed directions (map) to the safety training facility for those unfamiliar with the campus.  I also take this opportunity to note the safety training requirements for new employees and to mention a Spring Lab Safety Refresher class as well as a special evening safety class for busy students (both on Jan 21)

Safety Training Requirements

All new
regular, temporary, part-time, post-doc, graduate, and student employees on main campus should observe the minimum safety training via the Employee Safety & HazCom ClassThe Employee Safety class is free and is presented every other week at our training facility. The class is required under NMSU policy and is to ensure compliance with EPA and OSHA obligations for worker protection, emergency procedures and hazardous materials.  

A number of staff, faculty, post-docs, graduate assistants, undergraduate employees work with hazardous materials or equipment and as such have additional training requirements beyond the Employee Safety class. 
Further details on training obligations for those that work in NMSU research, shops, or agricultural settings are available on the safety website (link).  Individuals and/or their supervisors should register attendees via the safety class registration on the EH&S website.

Lab Safety Refresher Class
On Friday, Jan. 21, EH&S will provide an annual lab safety refresher class at the Safety Training Facility to help lab researchers meet the regulatory requirement for annual Lab Standard and Hazardous Waste training.  We provided four lab safety refresher classes for 417 lab researchers last fall, but still a few missed the class. The class will only count as annual safety training for those that have completed the regular Laboratory Standard and Hazardous Waste Management Safety classes. The refresher classes will not meet the initial requirements for training on those topics.  

Special Evening Safety Class
EH&S will also provide an special evening (5:30-8pm) Employee & HazCom Safety Class at the Safety Training Facility on Friday, Jan21, for those student employees and others that are unable to attend during regular business hours.  The recent customer survey suggested the need and EH&S is willing to provide this class and other classes, if there is interest.  Per established policy we are requiring a minimum of 6 registrants to hold the class.  If there is sufficient interest we will hold a evening Lab Standard class, later in the semester.  

Registration via our website is requested to ensure interest and for documentation. Additional details are provided via the above links and on

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