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General steps to update HazCom inventory

1)The New Hazcom Inventory system uses NMSU name and nmsu password to access the associated chemical permit and inventory.  Please note that the Permit Holder can give permission to other NMSU employees (lab, shop, custodial workers) to update the chemical inventory in the system for them.  Please see instructions below.

2)  The web login is via Chemical Inventory navigator tab (left margin) on our safety web site at http://safety.nmsu.edu/

* The EHSAWeb or HazCom Chemical Database link in the text on Chemical inventory page goes to
* the logon page at http://pc-safetyserv3.nmsu.edu/EHSAWeb/EHSAWebISAPI.dll.
* again the System recognizes NMSU email name and associated password for access.

3) On the entry page the user can access the Inventory, a Summary Report or to Register a worker (permit holder only)

4) The INVENTORY  drop down dialog box,

o the radio buttons are used to show items added to inventory at certain date, by name, by location or by specific request
o in the upper screen select ALL ITEMS to display the inventory list on the bottom of screen.
o in the inventory list on the lower screen select HIGHLIGHT to bring an item to top of list.
o on the inventory display, select SELECT to edit the selected chemical in the chemical permit
o on the inventory display, select DELETE to remove an item from the chemical permit.
o use the ADD button to add an item to the chemical permit. You can search and select new chemicals from the catalog or add a new item.
 NOTE: In order to add to a room or building on your existing chemical permit, please email me with building & room information.

5) The REPORT drop down dialog box will provide a pdf summary
          o by PI, building and room  (see attached)
          o by storage location room building


o The permit holder can use the PERMIT WORKER REGISTRATION selection to allow a lab researcher or other employee access to help with the inventory.
o Complete the form with their name, email and training (training to include Employee Hazcom Safety class (minimum) and Lab Standard (for lab areas))
o Once you have added them, the information is routed to me to import the new worker into the system and allow them access with their username & password.
o Please send me a separate email to remind me to check and add them to your chemical permit.

7) When the inventory is up to date, print the summary and place it with the MSDSs for the area as part of the Right to Know/Hazcom requirements.

8) More information on the NMSU HazCom Policy, Hazcom Program and safety training respectively are at






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This page was last updated on 09/29/2012