Emergency Numbers
Table of Contents
1. EH&S Policy
2. Occupational Injury
3. Public Safety
4. Emergencies
5.  Injury/Illness
6. Asbestos
7. Hazardous Waste
8. Bio Waste
9. Rad Waste
10. Recycling
11. HazCom & DHS
12. Office Safety
13. Lab Safety
14 Shop Safety
15 Personal Protection
16. Hazard Evaluation
17. Safe Lifting
18. Safety Policies
19. Warning Signs
20. Safety Services
21. Non-lab Training
22. Research Training
23. Training classes
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NMSU Police

The NMSU Police Department is located on College Drive. All students and staff should report public safety problems to the NMSU Police Department at 646-3311. Any activities which you observe that make you uncomfortable or make you question the appropriateness of the activity should be reported.

Escort Service

The NMSU Escort Service (646-1111) is provided by the Associated Students of New Mexico State University (ASNMSU). This service provides a person to walk you from one location to another. The area covered ranges from student housing to two blocks off-campus. Even though NMSU is not considered a dangerous campus, the Escort Service provides the added feeling of safety by ensuring students donít have to walk alone at night. The service is provided free of charge to students and is available from sundown until 12:30 am. Sunday - Thursday (646-1111).

Emergency Stations

Emergency stations are located in many areas throughout the campus. They are easily identified by blue lights and have an emergency telephone attached. As you park or walk around the campus, make note of where the emergency stations are located. Do not try to apprehend a suspicious person yourself; let the police respond.