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1. EH&S Policy
2. Occupational Injury
3. Public Safety
4. Emergencies
5.  Injury/Illness
6. Asbestos
7. Hazardous Waste
8. Bio Waste
9. Rad Waste
10. Recycling
11. HazCom & DHS
12. Office Safety
13. Lab Safety
14 Shop Safety
15 Personal Protection
16. Hazard Evaluation
17. Safe Lifting
18. Safety Policies
19. Warning Signs
20. Safety Services
21. Non-lab Training
22. Research Training
23. Training classes
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Campus buildings constructed prior to 1981 typically have asbestos within their structures. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral used extensively in building materials as a fire preven-tative measure before its health hazards were fully known. It is only a hazard if the microscopic fibers are released into the air. Once the fibers are in the air, humans can breathe in the fibers which become lodged in the lungs. Most people experiencing negative health effects from asbestos have breathed air containing high concentrations of asbestos over long periods of time.

NMSU operates a program to manage asbestos so that all regulations are complied with during renovation projects and normal maintenance activities. NMSU contracts state licensed workers to perform asbestos removal. Asbestos warning signs will indicate the areas where asbestos-containing materials are being removed. These signs will be posted at such a distance from the removal project that an employee may read the signs and safely avoid the regulated area.

To ensure environmentally safe working conditions, all personnel potentially exposed to asbestos must attend Asbestos Awareness Training. Building material should not be disturbed if it is unknown whether or not the material contains asbestos.