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Table of Contents
1. EH&S Policy
2. Occupational Injury
3. Public Safety
4. Emergencies
5.  Injury/Illness
6. Asbestos
7. Hazardous Waste
8. Bio Waste
9. Rad Waste
10. Recycling
11. HazCom & DHS
12. Office Safety
13. Lab Safety
14 Shop Safety
15 Personal Protection
16. Hazard Evaluation
17. Safe Lifting
18. Safety Policies
19. Warning Signs
20. Safety Services
21. Non-lab Training
22. Research Training
23. Training classes
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EH&S provides training to help improve the working environment of NMSU employees as well as ensuring compliance with regulations related to safety, health and environment protection. Except for Defensive Driving these classes are free. Below are short descriptions for some of the classes offered.  Additional information is provide for class listing   schedule   registrationIf you have any questions, please call EH&S (646-3327) or visit EH&S website.

Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom).  This required course covers NMSU's written HazCom program, inventories, MSDSs, and labeling of chemicals in work areas.

Laboratory Standard (Lab. Std.).  This class reviews the OSHA's Lab Standard, chemical hygiene plans, SOPs and additional obligations for labs.  Prerequisite:  HazCom Class.

Radiation Safety This class covers regulations, requirements, and principles for radiation use in research.

Bloodborne Pathogens. 
This course provide employees with information and training on precautions for dealing with blood, infectious materials and other biohazards.

Respiratory Safety and Fit Testing is required annually for all employees using respirators (including dust masks).

Defensive Driving Class (DDC) is required to drive a University vehicle.  Be prepared to give your full name, address, date of birth, a current/valid driver's license number, and a department account number ($$).

Laser Safety. This class covers legal requirements for setup and use of Class IIIb and IV lasers as well as typical hazards

Ergonomics  focuses on improving performance and health, through the better workplace use and design.