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New Mexico State University
Main Campus Map
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EH&S, Fire, and Police offices are marked.
Environmental Health & Safety offices
South Campus Map
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Contact Information

The University Environmental Health and Safety office (photo) is located on the south side of the campus, in the Academic Research Center, Unit C, 1620 Standley Drive (between Locust Street and Research Drive). For more detail, click the above map, alternate map, virtual tour map, or the NMSU web map.  Also see the Facility Space Management webpage and list of Official NMSU Campus Buildings (name, number & street location). 

For detailed driving instruction from your location via Google Map, click the Google map image. 


Training registration and training history information is provided online from the training page.  To sign up for classes in person you may visit this office between 8 a.m. & noon or 1 & 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Most classes are held in the Safety training facility (see training schedule for specific class) in the Academic Research Center, Unit C, rm110 (see detailed map or check the NMSU web map).  

For questions, service, or other information, call 646-3327 between 8 a.m. & noon or 1 & 5 p.m. weekdays

For campus emergency, contact the NMSU Police at 911 (from CAMPUS phone) or 646-3311 (if off-campus or by cell phone).