Subject: Lessons Learned
             Surge Protector Fires - FYI 

Article provide to EH&S by ASSE member. 


Surge Pro Fire 5 Jan 2003.

An employee arrived at the Greensport Yard in Houston this morning to find the field office full of smoke. Investigation led him to a melted down surge protector (see photos - click to enlarge).

An office by office search revealed another surge protector, of the same brand and model as above, that was starting to melt down (see attached photos)


The manufacturer was contacted to see if similar incidents have occurred with this product. They stated that the surge protector had absorbed all of the energy it was capable of absorbing and melted down as a result. The surge protectors involved were not on a recall list.


Lesson Learned:    See recommendations for 

bulletSurge Protector use
bulletElectrical and Surge units 
bulletProduct Recall - CPSC database search

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