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EH&S News For 2010

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Annual Lab Safety Training Summary (posted Dec 2, 2010)

Environmental Health and Safety would like to recognize and thank the 417 researchers, faculty, staff, graduates assistants, and other lab employees that attended the lab safety training this year.  The training is required to comply with state and federal standards for chemical lab work.  This total is made up of

  • 113 new lab employees that attended both the initial Employee & HazCom class and a subsequent Lab Standard class
  • 304 trained lab employees that attended the annual lab safety refresher classes held in September and October.

More details

Special Spring 2011 Lab Safety Refresher Class

For those that missed the annual lab refresher training, EH&S will provide a spring 2011 lab safety refresher class on January 21 at the EH&S safety training facility at Academic Research C, room 110.  A reminder email will be sent after January 1st for those interested in signing up for the spring lab safety refresher class.   For detais see

  • November 30, 2010 (posted) Short safety presentation on Eye and face protection from EH&S website provided (for OFS Operations supervisors) at


  • November 16, 2011 (posted) Safety talk on Chemical safety provided to OFS operation supervisors from safety web handbook at


The fall University Safety Committee Meeting occurs Wednesday, November 10, 3:00-4:00 pm, in room 110, Academic Research C.   The meeting's purpose is to cover general information on employee injuries (summary), safety policy and related activities.  The agenda and other details are provided via the above link.  Link to the minutes of the Nov 10 safety committee meeting


  • Noveber 9. 2011 (posted) Safety talk provided to OFS managment and shop supervisors on  Intro to electric safety. EH&S web page explains hazards, what to do in electric incidents and five easy guides at


Similar to last year, EH&S will be providing lab safety refresher classes to meet the regulatory requirement for annual training on Lab Standard and Hazardous Waste.  This year we will also provide an addition refresher session for radiation users. The classes will only count as annual safety training for those that have completed the regular Laboratory Standard, Hazardous Waste Management and Radiation Safety classes. Due to shorten length, the refresher classes will not meet the initial requirements for training on those topics.

- Thursday, September 30, 4 pm, Foster Hall room 231, Biology Seminar;
- Friday, October 1, 1:30 pm, Jett Hall room 209, Chemical Engineering Seminar;
- Friday, October 1, 3:30 pm, Gerald Thomas Auditorium, PES seminar for Ag College Departments;
- Thursday, October 7,  4 pm, Chemistry Bldg auditorium CB153, Chemistry seminar

Registration via our website is requested to ensure documentation. Those in other science lab groups not listed are welcome to attend any one of these, but again registration is requested to minimize crowding.  Additional details are provided on    
Announcement flyer .

  • Fall 2010 Safety Training (post Sept 28)

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is pleased to provide our 2010 Fall Safety Training Schedule via monthly calenders at (also linked at  Some of the training dates are tentative to allow some schedule modification for group requests. Our site includes Google satellite images and street maps of NMSU with detailed directions (map) to the safety training facility for those unfamiliar with the campus.  In 2009 EH&S provided formal training to 3233 individuals in 249 formal classes at our training facility and at several remote facilities and community colleges.

Your vote is your voice

On July 1, 2010, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) along with Facilities Planning and Construction were integrated with Facilities Services' Operations, Utilities, Engineering and Business Office (commonly called OFS).  OFS adminstration is currently running a customer survey on their services and EH&S is included in this survey.  We are asking those that have recieved EH&S support, waste pickup, safety training, safety inspections/investigations, incident response, mold investigation/clean up, or HVAC duct clean out, to complete the survey and to rate EH&S services.  The survey is at and will be available until Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank you.  

This is to remind the NMSU Community, that as part of the Fall 2010 Safety Initiatives, the annual "No Notice Fire Drills" will conducted at campus academic buildings on Sept. 7-10, Tuesday to Friday 8-5pm.  During the week the NMSU Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) with ICT and EH&S support will conduct fire evacuation drills at four academic buildings.  MORE...

Emergencies can happen when you least expect it. New Mexico State University is committed to the safety of those who come to our campus to study, work or visit. This site has been developed in order to provide our NMSU community with a quick reference guide to prepare for emergencies. MORE ...

ENS siren

The Emergency Notification System (ENS) will be tested Wednesday September 1 and is tested at least once a semester for the NMSU system. This testing is to make students and employees of NMSU aware of the alert system and act as a reminder to update contact information.  More on ENS ...

Alarm warning sirens are positioned on the eastern and western ends of campus, and at noon on the first Wednesday of each month, the sirens are tested to insure that they’re ready to go in case of a real emergency.  While tied into the NMSU emergency management system, the sirens are normally only used for weather-related emergencies, e.g. tornado warnings. More on the sirens...


  • Emergency Preparedness Testing

NMSU developed an all hazards approach to disaster planning and emergency management. The NMSU All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan for Las Cruces and Dona Ana campuses is posted for your review.

Each fall, the Central Administration Response Team (CART) is convened for a briefing on emergency procedures which include discussion of operations, roles and responsibilities.  These meetings often include a tabletop exercise specific to a disaster scenario.  Emergency plans are updated as part of Fall Safety and Security Initiatives.  

During September, the DFES (Department of Fire and Emergency Services) and EH&S (Environmental Health & Safety) will conduct fire evacuation drills at academic buildings and all residence halls, Greek housing.  The DFES will provide fire safety information at booths set up at the Residence Halls, Greek Complex and Corbett Center during first few weeks of the fall semester.  They also provide emergency response and extinguisher training to residence hall assistants.  DFES, Police, and EH&S provide regular safety training, CPR, preparedness tabletops and out-reach programs.  More (schedule of fall events) ....


As part of the Fall 2010 safety initiative we will be conducting building evacuations, i.e 'No notice fire drills' September 7 - 10, 2010 (see 2010 Safety Health and Security Initiatives).  Departments are reminded to update and post their Emergency Action Plans (EAP).  more ...


  • NMSU EH&S Safety Facility will host 4 day-long, NM OHSA Safety Standard Classes (English & Spanish) on Aug 30, 31 & Sept. 1, 2.  These classes are free, open to NMSU and public via registration with NM OSHA.  Class size is limited to 50 persons. (posted Aug 10, 2010)    

NM OSHA , through the Alliance Agreement with the NM Chapter of ASSE, Zia Section, the Building Industry of Southern NM and the Construction Trades Partnership, is offering four free OSHA 10 hour courses in the Las Cruces area.  NMSU Environmental Health and Safety is providing the use of the NMSU Safety Training Facility, located at: Academic Research C, Rm 110, 1620 Standley Drive, NMSU Campus, Las Cruces (Map) for the four day-long classes.   (NM OSHA flyer)

To register contact Melissa Barker, NM OSHA, Albuquerque, via Phone: (505) 222-9595 Fax: (505) 222-9510 or E-mail:

Hazardous waste operations
Hazardous waste operations

Although EH&S cannot control the types or volume of wastes being generated, through prevention, reducting waste, special waste recycling, reducing costs, and education, EH&S has been and continues to be very successful at minimizing the cost of hazardous waste disposal. (See 2009 EH&S sustainability report at ).

If you are willing to help reduce NMSU's cost of hazardous waste disposal, also see ways to help at


For 2009, EH&S trained 3323 employee in formal safety classes; improved loss control with ~1900 lab checks & room inspections; responded to 184 safety, mold, IAQ, or spill incidents, directed $100,000 to correction of safety deficiencies; helped decrease NMSU injury & illness cases; inspected all Ag. Science Centers & 4 remote campuses; oversaw 44 asbestos abatement projects; developed NMSU Asbestos Management Program; provided a $120,000 recovery/cost savings; handled 87,000 pounds of hazardous waste: lead the five year renewal of NMSU’s Title V Air Permit;  developed on-line Bloodborne Pathogen training; decommissioned radioactive area in Gardner Hall for renovation; passed NMED Radiation Protection inspection; increased employee driver license validation; revised campus emergency preparedness policies and continuity plans; provided leadership and readiness to ensure NMSU’s response to a flu pandemic.  Details at


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This review of commercial web-based chemical database in leu of regular meeting is to improve the capacity of EH&S and the NMSU system (main campus, community campuses and remote facilities) to comply with OSHA HazCom, NM NESHAP, EPA RCRA and DHS CFAT requirement for chemicals, asbestos, lead, and hazardous materials. Currently there are over 800 chemical storage locations with over 40,000 chemicals records listed.


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