Guidelines for use of the

Campus Activity Requests

Safety, Security, Police and Traffic Control

Information for Student Org., Departments and Other Sponsors        (document in pdf format)

The information contained herein is designed to provide sponsors of special events on the NMSU campus with the information they need to obtain the necessary review and permits for the event. In order to comply with NMSU regulations, legal obligations, and ensure safety in your event, these guidelines need to be followed. 

NOTE: NMSU reserves the night to place restrictions on any event held on campus, to include restrictions on location, time, and manner. This is necessary in order to ensure that the primary mission of the University is achieved without undue interference.

How Do I Start?

The first step in sponsoring an event or activity is to decide 

what you want to do, 
where you would like to do it, and 
the length of time the event will last. 

Once these have been decided, you will need to go to either the 

1. Campus Activities, (505) 646-3200 for University Community events (>50% students or employees). You will be asked to fill out the Web - Activity form - (Link to form) for event 


2. Contact Conference Services  (505) 646-3049 for events open to public where ( less that 50% attendees are likely to be students and employees) 

The respective office is the starting point for any event or activity to held on campus, even if it is not being sponsored by a student organization or university department. Here, you will be able to find who is responsible for the location you have chosen and whether or not it is available during the date and time selected. If the location is available, you will be asked to fill out the appropriate Activity Request Form (above).

This form asks for basic information regarding the event and its sponsor(s). The lower half of the form contains space for the appropriate University administrators to indicate their approval. You must receive approval from all appropriate offices and turn-in the form at least ten (10) business days before the event is scheduled to take

What About Safety, Security, and Traffic Control?

While the many of the events held on campus may not need a review of safety, security, or traffic control, some will. 

The decision as to whether or not any of these will depend on the nature and location of your activity. Decisions will be made in the best interests of NMSU, and the safety of those who would be attending the event. When all the signatures have been obtained a permit will be issued by the NMSU Police Department for all events that fall within the criteria listed below.

The NMSU Police Department will gladly help any individual or organizations planning an event on campus evaluate their planned activity and make appropriate recommendations. Generally, events meeting any of the criteria listed below must be evaluated:

Criteria for Inside Activities or Events

If the event is to be held inside a facility and: 
1. Expects 250 people or more; 
2. Is open to the public; 
3. Charge admission; 
4. Is fund-raiser;
5. Is dance; 
6. Is a competition, game; 
7. Involves use of hazardous chemicals or materials; or 
8. Involves vendor with (or use of) mechanical apparatus for riding, transport, climbing, etc, 

Criteria for Outside Activities or Events

If the event is to be held outdoors with 
1. More than 100 people
2. Held in parking lots or streets
3. Potential to affect traffic or disturb individuals in surrounding buildings;
4. Races & competitions,
5. Parades 
6. Potential for counter-protests.
7. Involves use of hazardous chemical or materials; or 
8. Involves vendor with (or use of) mechanical apparatus for riding, transport, climbing, electric generation, etc, 

Activity Permit

If your activity involves any of the above, you are required to bring the "NMSU Activity Request Form" with events details, sponsor signatures & safety review (see safety reviews below) to the NMSU Police Department at least 12 days before the scheduled event. The Police Department will usually take between 24 and 48 hours to review the event and make a determination as to whether or not any special safety measures/precautions need to be followed.

If it is determined that special measures, security, or precautions are required, the event sponsor will have to pay for any expenses incurred as a result of the event, to include police or security personnel that must be assigned, rental of traffic barricades, cleanup of the event site, etc. An estimate of any such charges can be provided upon request.

It is important to note that many of the events reviewed will not require any special measures or precautions. This is usually because the event is determined to be relatively "low-risk" for problems. Low-risk events include those limited to only a specific group (such as just people within a particular organization, a large family reunion, etc.), meetings, seminars, public information forums, etc.

Events categorized as "medium-risk" are those where minimal precautions are deemed necessary, such as having a few police or security people present, putting up appropriate traffic control equipment, etc. These often include events such as dances, road races, those where a large volume of traffic is expected, etc

Events that have a significant potential for people to engage in dangerous behavior (such as fights or attacks, destruction of property, large amounts of money or valuable property within easy access, counter-demonstrations or protests, etc.) are usually categorized as "high-risk." These will often require a larger number of police and security personnel, Emergency Medical Personnel, traffic control, etc.

Why Worry About Safety, Security, & Traffic Control?

NMSU wants every event to be successful, and for those attending to enjoy themselves. If someone is injured, or their property is damaged or stolen, this will not happen. Even though the event may not be sponsored by NMSU, negative incidents at events do reflect on the University. In addition, the University must protect itself and the taxpayers of the State of New Mexico from unnecessary claims for damages that could arise from such incidents.

Are Safety Reviews Necessary?

Additional safety approvals may be required depending on the type of event and activities. These include but at not limited to 

1. The use of any open fires or fireworks, 
2. The use of hazardous chemicals or materials; 
3. Activities involving vendor providing (or the use of) mechanical apparatus for riding, transport, climbing, electric generation, etc, 
4. Games/competition involving possible risk of injury, etc; 
5. Distribution or sale of food;  
6. Activities outside the normal use of the University equipment, areas, room, or buildings.

All student, department and other sponsored events involving the above will require approvals from the Environmental Health (EH&S) and Safety and the Fire Department.  In addition vendors must provide documentation of liability insurance. A copy of insurance certificate is to be attached to Activity Request and reviewed by EH&S.

For additional information on 
Safety, please contact 
EH&S (Environmental Health and Safety) phone (575) 646-3327

Security, please contact: 
NMSU Police Department, Phone: (575) 646-3311

(Modified from 2004 NMSU Police brochure on Event Security and Traffic Control)