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Emergency Action Plan

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Emergency Action Plan (Evacuation Plan) -

  1. Each NMSU department (or organization unit) shall establish a Emergency Action Plan for employees within departmental work areas. For those areas with chemical laboratories, this plan is also required as a component of the Chemical Hygiene Plan. 

  2. A review of the departmental Emergency Action Plan will be completed annually by the respective department. Each department shall report their information to EH&S (click  survey link below).

  3. In order to comply with OSHA regulations (reference '29CFR1910.38') on Emergency Action Plans, each department must establish, document and/or be able to provide the following:

    a) Emergency escape procedures from the department/building work areas. Design and post informative diagrams directing personnel to the emergency exits.

    b) Emergency shutdown procedures for critical equipment. Personnel must be identified and thoroughly trained to complete the emergency shutdown.

    c) Provide a means for rapid communications to the departmental employees in the building (sweepers, runners,  phone tree, PA system, etc) and a way to account for all personnel at a specified safe assembly location.

    d) Identify, document, and train the designated personnel assigned medical and rescue duties. For the NMSU main campus the existing 911 emergency plan of the campus police and fire departments may be designated. The Fire Section is the EMT for the campus. For other NMSU locations with city services, the local police, fire, and medical services, if available, will meet this requirement.

    e) Designate, record and post the proper methods for reporting emergencies.

      (1) Identify the proper protocol for coordinating the evacuation of multiple departments from a single building.

      (2) Identify the departmental Emergency Action Coordinator and an alternate to supervise emergency evacuations and other procedures.

      (3) Designate one individual (possibility the Building Monitor) and an alternate to coordinate reports verifying all personnel have been evacuated from the building.

      (4) The names and job titles of the Emergency Action Coordinator responsible for the emergency action plan and the Building Monitor shall be posted for public information.


Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Action Plan Survey/Database (click here)  

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EAP Training/Classes - An EAP class is provided by EH&S and is described on the training schedule.  It is given annually. Please register via the web link. For more information call (646-3327) or email .

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