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Environmental Health & Safety

NMSU Policy Emergency Action Plan (Evacuation Plan) ---- (Emergency Action Plan Policy - click here)

Outline below.  Do not use this page, download & fill in template - (MS Word document) -  (rtf/Word Perfect document) - (Adobe format - hand written)    

(department name)
Emergency Action Plan for (building name)

Date __________

Emergency situations require the participation of all staff. Certain responsibilities are defined to ensure smooth operations. Everyone must be familiar with emergency operations. This plan shall be readily available, posted/kept at  (describe location)  and reviewed annually by department personnel.

Plan Coordinators (name and phone or office number)

    1. Primary -  (name and phone or office number)                     

    If appropriate

    2. Secondary -  (name and phone or office number)             

    3. Wardens -   (name and phone or office number) 

Building Evacuation – Building:  (building name) 

    1. Emergency escape route maps are enclosed and posted in the hallways at the following locations:   (give location, nearest door, etc)   .

    2. In the event of evacuation of  (building name) , staff will gather at    (describe location) (      Alternate location     :)

    3.   (person name, plan coordinator for example)   will account for all employees after the emergency evacuation has been completed.

    4. The building alarms are located  (give general locations or areas) and include   (describe – horn, buzzer, etc)     and (if appropriate) flashing lights. These alarms will be activated in the event that the entire building requires evacuation. If you have been trained to use a fire extinguisher or how to handle incidental releases and can do so safely, take reasonable steps to do so.

    5. If individuals visiting the areas need assistance for evacuation, which is not easily provided because they are compromised due to some type of disabling event,    (describe actions – e.g. call 911, notify the emergency responders, etc) .

    6. If operations are being conducted in the laboratory areas in   (list room numbers if appropriate)  , emergency shutdown procedures must be established in advance.

NMSU Emergency Alert System & information distribution

    The  (give name(s) or office position)   will be responsible for relaying notifications from the NMSU Emergency Alert System to the Director or Acting Director (or give alternates) who will be responsible for notification of all other personnel. The emergency information will be distributed to department employees (and other affected persons) in the building by phone and other means of communication (see attached information).

Violence in the Workplace

    If individuals become threatening or violent, call 911.


EMPLOYEE SIGN OFF SHEET (to document annual review) - included in the template,


Do not use this page, download & fill in template - (Adobe format) -  (msWord document) -  (rtf/WordPerfect document)   

Emergency Action Plan Policy - click here


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