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Safety Training Requirements                 

POLICY: Employee Safety Training

Category Requirements

New full time employees New employees should observe the requirement for safety training via the Employee Safety & HazCom Class.  This class is presented at least every other week and is scheduled to coordinate with the New Employee Benefit Orientations sessions.  This class is required under NMSU policy and is slated to help NMSU comply with EPA and OSHA obligations. This requirement is noted on the employment letter to new full time employees. Previously hired employee are also welcome.

Depending on your work activities additional safety training from EH&S may also be required under federal and/or state laws or by NMSU policy, e.g. defensive driving for vehicle or cart operator permit, lab standard for lab research, respirator safety, fork lift, aerial lift, bloodborne, haz-material shipping, etc (see required classes for lab areas, non-lab areas, & safety class description).   Also please review the following:
 * Training Matrix for Trades * Training Matrix for Academic (in prep)

Temporary, part-time, student, graduate, & post-doctoral employees
Department heads and other supervisors should be aware that all NMSU employees, that work with hazardous materials are required, at a minimum, to attend the Employee & HazCom Safety class.  This includes temporary, part-time, post-doc, graduate, student and any other employees that work with these materials in instructional, research, shop, art, or agricultural settings. As these employees may not receive an employment letter, and their supervisors may not be aware of above requirements, EH&S asks that this information be forwarded to them or otherwise brought to their attention. 

As noted above your work or research activities may require additional safety training from EH&S per federal and/or state laws or by NMSU policy (see required classes for lab areas, non-lab areas, & safety class description) .

By NMSU policy, and legally, supervisors (faculty or staff) can be held legally responsible for ensuring that all personnel (regular, graduate, or student employee) that they supervise are aware of potential hazards and are appropriately trained in general and any specific operational procedures for a safety work environment. (see Environmental Health and Safety policy).

Other employee
& dept.  obligations
In addition to the above, many departmental work areas require additional refresher training (e.g. lab standard, hazardous waste management, radiation, bloodborne, biosafety, asbestos awareness, forklift, respirator, lockout, etc) on annual or periodic basis as well as documents (e.g. chemical inventory, MSDSs, chemical hygiene plan, infection control plan) to operate within the safety regulations (rules of law).  In most cases, EH&S provides the initial & refresher training and checks for annual document updates.  

Supervisors (faculty or staff) are responsible for ensuring training for those that they supervise. Checklists on required employee training and documentation are available for:

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