NMSU Policy:

Operating forklifts and similar powered lift equipment

  • The satisfactory completion of forklift training is required prior to use and to allow continue use of fork lift or similar powered lift equipment (OSHA requirement).  Also note that, individuals under 18 years of age may not operate a forklift (OSHA reference).
  • The training shall consist of lecture as well as written and practical testing in safe and proper use of powered forklift equipment similar to that used by the employee.  
  • Environmental Health and Safety shall issue a wallet forklift permit as documentation of training. The employee shall carry the permit when operating the noted equipment.
  • Retraining is required at least every three years, unless a near-miss, accident or inappropriate use of forklift is noted.  In such case the employee shall not be allow to operate the forklift equipment until they have satisfactorily re-completed the training   
fork lift in use

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