NMSU Policy:

Disposal of hazardous and regulated materials

Employees are responsible for assuring that all hazardous materials, regulated waste, untreated infectious waste, special waste, radioactive waste, regulated pharmaceutical waste and other miscellaneous liquid or semi-liquid wastes are disposed of properly.  These materials require special disposal and can not be discarded in campus dumpsters, trash, drains, or compactor units. 

Disposal of hazardous, biological and radioactive materials is provided and/or coordinated (generally without charge to the department) by Environmental Health and Safety.  The different types of wastes are defined and procedures for disposal of each type is provided by EH&S.

Producers of campus refuse are responsible for the proper segregation of wastes into the above-mentioned types. Departments improperly handling or disposing of these materials will incur costs associated with the improper action.

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