Mandate/Policy - Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention

Phase out/Removal of Mercury Thermometers and Appliances

Action Summary 

All mercury thermometers in general labs are to be removed from service and turned over to
EH&S for disposal as quickly as possible. 

Also any remaining mercury, or mercury-containing compounds, must be identified and reported to EH&S (via web inventory system at  NO LATER than January 31, 2003. 

Those areas which have an updated hazardous materials inventory on the EH&S database require no further action. 

In addition, all principal investigators to evaluate their facilities for mercury contamination and other potential pollutant sources. Please note that there are numerous mercury compounds and other mercury-containing equipment that can also be pollutant sources. If any contamination is found or suspected, immediately contact EH&S for assistance in mercury detection and removal.

(per Mandate memo December 16, 2002, Ben Woods, V.President, NMSU)

Hazardous Waste Manual

Mercury remediation plan


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