NMSU Policy: University Safety Committee

The purpose of the University Safety Committee (USC) is to seek to recognize, evaluate, and recommend controls of university environmental factors which might cause impaired health, well-being, efficiency, or comfort. It guides and supports the work of the university's Safety (a.k.a. Environmental Health & Safety) Office toward these goals.

It hopes to develop a positive attitude toward safety in the faculty and staff, as in the students, who expect NMSU to provide adequate training for their careers. The committee is representative of the university, with membership from areas involved in campus safety, those who have expressed an interest in membership, and who are recommended by the committee. Membership is continuous.

Appointments are made with input from the committee and interested areas. The chair is appointed by the committee members.

David Shearer, Envir. Health & Safety, CURRENT CHAIR;
Katrina Doolittle, Envir. Health & Safety, Continuous 
Michael Abernethy, Purchasing, Continuous;
Greg Block, Housing, Continuous;
Jose Gamon, Envir. Health & Safety;
Lorie McKee, Campus Health Center, Continuous;
Stephen Lopez, NMSU Police, Continuous;
Susanne Montes, PSL, Continuous;
Christine Pennise, Physics, Continuous;
Linda Perez, Biology, Continuous;
Adam Labe, Art Dept, Continuous;
Adrian Unc, Plant & Envir. Science, Continuous;
Thomas Reichardt, Chem. & Biochemistry, Continuous;
Patti Havstad, EPPWS, Continuous;
Keith Edwards, Chemical Engineering, Continuous;
JoAnne Dupre, Biosafety Officer, VPR, Continuous;;
Darrell Smith, NMSU Fire Department, Continuous;
Paul LaPorte, Intramurals;
Silvia Green, Intermurals;
Sharon Smith, SWAT lab;
Douglas Parten, Special Events;
Richard Long, Chemical Engineering;
Kathy Reddington, NMSU-DACC;
Nancy Montgomery, NMSU-Almogordo;
Robyn Hayes, NMSU-Carlsbad;
Barry Swanson, NMDA Petr.lab;
Michell Vyvyan, NMDA Chem Lab;
Kate Fahrbach, Corbett Center;


Contact Information 
 Environmental Health& Safety: MSC-3578, P.O. Box 30001, Academic Research Bldg. C, Rm. 109
    Street delivery address: NMSU, 1620 Standley Dr., Academic Research Bldg. C, Las Cruces, NM 88003
    Training Office: Academic Research Unit C, rm110 (see map ), 
    Telephone: 575-646-3327; FAX: 575-646-7898. Website - http://www.nmsu.edu/safety
    Send email to David Shearer, EH&S (click here) with questions or comments about this web site. 
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