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Chemical Safety Programs


Checklist of main "Right to Know" responsibilities


    • _____ Description of how Hazard Analysis (chemical inventory) requirements will be met.
    • _____ Description of chemcial inventory system.
    • _____ A complete list of on-site hazardous substances (chemical inventory) .
    • _____ Description of how SDS requirements will be met.
    • _____ Who is responsible for the chemical inventory and obtaining SDS
    • _____ How SDS will be obtained and kept for every product used.
    • _____ How SDS will be made accessible to employees upon request.
    • _____ How missing SDS are to be requested from vendor.
    • _____ Description of how proper labeling will be ensured.
    • _____ Who is responsible for making and maintaining labels.
    • _____ Description of labeling system used.
    • _____ Description of how employees are trained.
    • _____ Who is responsible for training.
    • _____ Update on new hazards as they are introduced and refresher training plans.
    • _____ Initial training plan & information given.
    • _____ How employees will be informed of hazards of non-routine tasks and hazards of unlabeled pipes.
    • _____ How contractors will be informed of hazardous substances.
    • _____ Written program availablity to employees (location) and OSHA.

    • _____ Obtain and keep the supplier's SDS for each hazardous substance.

    • _____ Make SDS accessible to employees (keep in work areas).

    • _____ Request SDS from supplier if missing or incomplete.


    • _____ Each container labeled with product identity and hazard warnings.(Physical & Health warnings).

    • _____ Labels displayed and legible on all primary & secondary containers.

    • _____ Certain additional labels required to conform to other regulations (carcinogens, biohazards, etc).


    • _____Explanation and availability of the written Hazard Communication program.

    • _____ Explanation of an SDS and the information it contains.

    • _____ Observation and detection methods to use for hazards.

    • _____ Specific hazards and protective measures for work area.

    • _____ Details of chemical inventory system, SDS locations, and labeling program.

    • _____ Designation of persons(s) for training; and description of training program

    • _____ Elements of the training program (consistent with paragraph (h) of the standard)

    • _____ Procedures to train employee prior to work with hazardous chemical and to provide additional information when a new chemical hazard is introduced into workplace.


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