Department: _________________________________ Evaluation Date: _________

__1.  Is the Emergency Action Plan written? (1910.38(a)(1)  (see EAP template - on EH&S website)

__ 2.  Is the written plan accessible to employees? (a)(5)(iii)                                                     

__ 3.  Are emergency escape procedures and emergency escape routes assigned? (a)(2)(i)       

__4.  Are procedures established to account for all employees after the emergency evacuation has been completed? (Designated gathering sites)(a)(2)(iii)

__5.  Has an employee alarm system been established?  Specific to a particular OSHA standard (29 CFR 1910.165)

 __6.  If an employee alarm system is used for other purposes, have distinctive signals for each purpose been developed? .165(b)(3) 

__7.  Has the employer designated and trained a sufficient number of persons to assist in the safe and orderly evacuation of employees (generally one warden per 20 employees)?  (See Appendix to Subpart E - Means of egress, 3.)   

___8.  Has the employer reviewed the emergency action plan with each employee covered by the plan initially, and when the plan or the employee’s responsibilities under the plan change? .38(a)(5)(ii)

___9.  Is the written plan kept at the workplace and available for employee review? .38(a)(4)(ii)     

___10.  Is the plan real or just a subterfuge to avoid compliance with 1910.120(q)?   

         ___ Does the plan address emergencies that may reasonably expect in the workplace. Examples are: fire; chemical releases; tornadoes; floods; bomb or physical threats; and others. (1910.38)

___11.  Does the employer intend to have employees handle incidental releases?    

        ___If so, are the training, tools, equipment and PPE appropriate for handling small releases of the hazardous substance available in the work area?     

__ 12.  Are the evacuation routes & procedures developed, and do they work well with the methods developed for emergency alerting (sweeper, runner, PA system, phone tree) and the designation of places of refuge? .38(a)(2)(ii)   

       ___ Are the meeting places specified in the Emergency Action Plan? .38(a)(2)(iii)  

___13.  Are the necessary shutdown procedures documented and detailed? .38(a)(2)(ii)  

___14.  The emergency evacuation routes are required to be posted, are the locations identified in the Emergency Evacuation Plan?

___15.  Is the Building Monitor and the Emergency Action Coordinator identified?  

       ___ Is there a procedure for contact between these individuals and Emergency Services (see phone tree)     

___16.  Are provisions in place to assist those individuals who may need assistance getting out?

___17.  Is the 911 emergency telephone number identified in the plan?

___18.  Has all building or departmental safety equipment (extinguishers, fire hoses, exit signs, emergency lab equipment, etc) been inspected, repaired or replaced as needed?



Reviewed by _____                       Date: _____