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Environmental Health & Safety
Hazardous Waste Management Manual - Appendices


        ______ 1)  Are "Waste Accumulation Point" signs posted at designated collection points? (example sign)

    ______ 2)      Are all waste containers labeled with a NMSU "Waste/Material Tracking Form" correctly completed?
  (see NMSU Lab Safety Guide for procedures for
disposal of used lab chemicals)

    ______ 3)    Are containers in good condition: i.e. no leaks?

    ______ 4)    Are containers clean: i.e. no major spill marks? Are wastes in compatible containers?

    ______ 5)     Are incompatible wastes segregated?

    ______ 6)     Are containers closed (finger tight) when not in use

    ______ 7)      Is waste collected at or near the point of generation and "under the control of the operator": i.e. in the same room?

    ______ 8)     Are waste containers inside a secondary spill containment container, or at a minimum on top of/surrounded be an absorbent material?

    ______ 9)     Is housekeeping performed around the accumulation point: i.e. no excess clutter?

    ______ 10)     Is less than 55 gallons of waste, or less than one quart of acutely hazardous waste, stored in one designated point?

    ______ 11)    Are containers called in to Environmental Health and Safety (646-3327) for pick-up when 75% full?

    ______ 12)     Are spill control kits and PPE available?

    ______ 13)     Are all personnel who generate hazardous waste trained appropriately?

    ______ 14)     Are training records and other documentation maintained?

    ______ 15)     Comments _________________________________________________________________________

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