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Health and Wellness programs

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The following is a listing of various Health and Wellness programs and facilities available at NMSU.  EH&S supports the NMSU Community's participation in these programs. Details of the programs are provided below.

  • Monthly Health Talks (BBHT) at EH&S Training Facility (updated 8/29/06)


    The Brown Bag Health Talks (BBHT) (description) are monthly lunch time events at our Safety Training Facility in room 110 of Academic Research Unit C (map).  The talks are informal and are designed for anyone who wants to understand more about health issues.

    Dr. Joseph M. Berning, Director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory, has tailored the talks to be interactive as a way to provide practical information on health issues that may affect you or your family.  Currently he has set one brown bag health talk for each month for the 2006 Spring and Fall Academic semesters.  The BBHTs are from 12:00 to 12:50, at Academic Research C, Safety Training Facility.


    BBHT sessions photos
    Brown Bag Health Topic list (Spring list)

    Spring 2006 Schedule

    1. February 7, 2006 "Cholesterol and Your Health" (flyer)
    2. March 28, 2006 "Exercising While You Work: Maximizing your day" (flyer) (HO)
    3. April 25, 2006 "High Blood Pressure:  Common cardiovascular disease" (flyer) (HO)
    4. May 16, 2006 "Strengthening the Lower Body: A practical approach" (flyer) (HO)
    5. June 13, 2006 "Coronary Heart Disease: Getting to the heart of the matter" (flyer)

    Fall 2006 Schedule

    1. September 21, 2006 "Exercise & Heart Rate" (flyer) (HO)
    2. October 26, 2006 "Diet Fads and Myths" (flyer) (HO)
    3. November 30, 2006 "How many calories?" (flyer) (HO)
    4. December 14, 2006 "Strengthening the Lower Body2: Lot Circuit Training" (flyer)

    Spring 2007 Schedule

    1. January 25, 2007 "New Year's Resolution & NMSU Wellness Programs" (flyer) (agenda) (HO) (talk)
    2. February 21, 2007  "Wellness Wednesday 2-6 pm at Wellness Center,  Activity Center"  (flyer)
    3. April 30, 2007  "Olympic Training" 10:30-11:30 Rm 201, Activity Center, (Flyer
    4. May xx, 2007  "Topic To be announced" 

    Bring your lunch and learn helpful hints that will help ‘YOU’ to improve your health. NMSU Departments are welcome to send groups (up to 40 persons) or request specific dates. You can provide comments or request specific dates via the EH&S suggestion page (click here).


  • Employee Health and Fitness Programs (from Hotline 08/28/2006, updated 01/17/07) Flyer  

    For more information on the health & fitness program contact the Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. In addition, there are several fitness screening and fitness programs available via  via Aggie Fit at For more information contact the Actiivty Center at 646-5178. 

  • Employee Health Newsletter - NMSU Employee Health Center provides a newsletter addressing employee health tips.

  • Fitness Yoga
  • Activity Center  

    • There are several programs in the Activity Center run by the Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, College of Education which may of interest. 
    • The center is dedicated in helping all members of the NMSU community (not just students) reach their fitness goals and maintain a pure, balanced, and overall healthy lifestyle.  It provides a vast array of services towards health promotion that cater to any and all fitness levels as well as testing services including blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, cholesterol and body composition assessments.
    • Program Presentation/BBHT 01/23/07 (pdf format)- talk   handout
    • For further Information: phone:575-646-5178



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