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Appendix IIb (adapted from NMSU Lab Guide  - dls)

1.  Identified unused chemicals in an original container qualify for the resource recovery and distribution program.

2. List each surplus chemical on the "INVENTORY OF SURPLUS CHEMICALS FOR RESOURCE RECOVERY" form.

3. Send the inventory form to Environmental Health and Safety, Dept 3578, for designation of compatible subclass, after which it will be returned to you.

4. Prepare the chemicals for pick-up according to the following guidelines.

 4.1 Assure that all chemical labels are intact and legible.
 4.2 Assure that each container is closed and packaged to prevent breaks or spills.
 4.3 Box chemicals according to the designated subclass.
 4.4 Label each box with the designated subclass of chemicals.
 4.5 Attach a clearly visible list of contents to the outside of each box.
 4.6 Call EH&S (646-3327) to arrange for pick-up.

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