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Memo - Lab Safety Guide - Distribution 
(adapted from NMSU Lab Guide  - dls)

Lab Safety Guide

Table of Contents

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To: Colleges & Departments with Laboratory Areas

From: Katrina Doolittle, Director

Subject: NMSU Guide to Laboratory Safety


NMSU must comply with a wide variety of complex and interconnected federal, state and local environmental, health and safety regulations. We frequently receive requests for an easily accessible, comprehensive document which contains standard operating procedures for maintaining compliance with these mandates. The NMSU Guide to Laboratory Safety was developed to meet this request and assist university departments in the implementation of many safety programs required for laboratories. It covers emergency procedures specific to NMSU and required safety programs such as Chemical Hygiene, Waste Management, Infection Control, Eye, Face and Respiratory Protection, Laser Safety and Job Hazard Assessment. This guide has been designed as a reference and training tool for all laboratory personnel and should be used extensively throughout the university.

The enclosed unabridged NMSU Guide to Laboratory Safety should be maintained in a central location and used as a reference (Appendices I, III and XV are omitted from the abridged version). A select number of the abridged version will be issued to you for departmental distribution. Each department will be responsible for incorporation of updated material distributed by the Safety Office. Please evaluate your needs and fax your proposed distribution list to Safety (646-7898). Safety will issue a limited number of the abridged guide to each college. Additional copies may be obtained from the Safety Office for $15.00. We look forward to your response.


College of Agriculture & Home Economics - John Owens

  • Agronomy & Horticulture - L. A. Daugherty
  • Animal & Range Sciences - B. J. Rankin
  • Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Sci. - H. G. Kinzer
  • Fishery & Wildlife Sciences- Charles A. Davis
  • Molecular Biology - Gregory C. Phillips
  • NM Agricultural Experiment Station - Gary Cunningham
  • Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory - John D. Kemp

College of Arts & Sciences - E. Rene Casillas

  • Art - Joshua Rose
  • Biology - Richard Spellenberg
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry - James H. Hageman
  • Geological Sciences - Thomas H. Giordano
  • Physics - George R. Burleson

College of Engineering - J. Derald Morgan

  • Chemical Engineering - James M. Eakman
  • Civil, Ag. & Geological Engineering - Kenneth R. White
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering - M. Don Merrill
  • Engineering Technology - George D. Alexander
  • Industrial Engineering - Satish J. Kamat
  • Mechanical Engineering - Richard Hills

Other Facilities

  • Alamogordo Community College - Charles Reidlinger
  • Carlsbad Community College - Douglas Burgham
  • Carlsbad Monitoring & Research Center -
  • Donald J. Fingleton
  • Dona Ana Community College - James McLaughlin
  • Grants Community College - David E. Leas
  • Physical Science Laboratory - Robert E. Weigle