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Lab Safety Guide - Memo
(adapted from NMSU Lab Guide  - dls)

Lab Safety Guide

Table of Contents

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TO:                      Deans and Department Heads

FROM:                Averett S. Tombes 

SUBJECT:         Laboratory Safety 


The NMSU Guide to Laboratory Safety was written for use by all laboratory personnel. This guide should be referred to often and used as a reminder of the proper and safe methods and procedures to be used when working in a laboratory. Although this document may not include the answer to every safety question, it will provide reference and guidance for advice on safety issues. The unabridged document will be issued to deans, department heads, and branch campuses with laboratory areas, and a select number of the abridged documents will be provided for departmental distribution. I anticipate that it will be made available to university laboratories involved in the use of hazardous materials.

 I hope that the use of this guide in the laboratory will increase safety awareness and promote prudent laboratory practice and adherence to established safety guidelines. Compliance with Federal and State regulations is challenging because of complex and interconnected legal requirements. The NMSU procedures contained herein will be revised as required by changing regulations. The Safety Office will distribute changes to deans and department heads who are then responsible for including these pages in departmental manuals. All model programs found in the Appendices are available to departments in disk format from the Safety Office.

 I thank the members of the Ad Hoc Subcommittee, authors, and contributors for their concerted effort in the preparation of the NMSU Guide to Laboratory Safety. All comments were carefully considered and most were accommodated. Additional written suggestions from the laboratory user should be directed to the Safety Office.


 xc:        J. Michael Orenduff

             William B. Conroy

             Ben Woods