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Lab Safety Guide - Preface
(adapted from NMSU Lab Guide  - dls)

Lab Safety Guide

Table of Contents

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Safety is an important aspect of all of our daily lives. In the laboratory and industrial settings, safety has special requirements. These include safe design, safe operation, and safe practices. To perform laboratory operations safely requires a certain amount of "common sense" in combination with technical knowledge. This guide attempts to provide some of both. The Reference Section gives further information. The reader is referred to the University Safety Office for any unanswered compliance questions. Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories (29 CFR 1910.1450) was promulgated under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

These recommendations evolved in part from a laboratory safety manual prepared for the Chemical Engineering Department, NMSU, in 1987 by Dr. Richard Long. That document was based on earlier work by Mr. George Whitmyre, Laboratory Coordinator, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware. He prepared his work in cooperation with a number of industrial safety consultants. Mr. Whitmyre agreed in writing to allow Dr. Long to develop a guide based on this work to meet our special requirements at NMSU. Some portions of this reference manual have been taken verbatim from Prudent Practices, National Research Council with written permission. This manual will be updated as changes in the law require it.

This document has been reviewed and approved by the AD HOC Subcommittee of the University Safety Committee and the Safety Office. The contributors provided their expertise in helping to assure both proper and workable procedures which satisfy regulatory requirements. The contributors include: Professors A. Burr, Physics; C. McCarthy, Biology; B. McCaslin, Agronomy and Horticulture; W. Mueller, Chemistry; R. Long, D. Rockstraw, Chemical Engineering; L. Matthews, Engineering Research Center, J. Kemp, Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory and Mr. E. Chavira, Physical Plant Department; Ms. A. Griffin, Student Health Center; Sgt. S. Lopez, University Police and Dr. K. Doolittle, Mr. G. Esparsen, Mr. G. Munsell and Mr. T. Pattni of the Safety Office. Drafts and final version were painstakingly prepared by Ms E. C. Avila, Ms. A. Glover, Ms. G. Jacquez and Ms. B. Pacheco. Format review was provided by Ms. C. Baca, Ms. A. Toineeta and Mr. P. Suchocki. This effort was initiated by Dr. Averett S., Tombes, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, NMSU.

Richard L. Long Jr.


University Safety Committe